It's no secret that the stakes in PRIME Wrestling have never been and will never be higher than they will be on Sunday, October 20 at 3pm when "Wrestlelution 6: Art of War" begins live at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma, OH and streams around the world hear at courtesy of our friends at GFL.

Why are the stakes so high? The very future of PRIME Wrestling may hang in the balance as part of a Best of Three match series between members of The Megalomaniacs - who orchestrated a coup to take all power and control within the company last February, and nearly run it into the ground since - and The PRIME Foundation - the proud warriors who TRULY represent this company, and truly deserve credit for creating and building what has been an amazing success story over the past six years known as PRIME Wrestling.

Sensing the vital nature of this issue, PRIME Upper Management has voted by a margin of 4-1 (the one hold-out of course being Megalomaniac Aaron Maguire) to appoint a special referee to oversee each match in the Best of Three series. We can name that referee today as 22-year WWE veteran Jimmy Korderas.

Jimmy entered WWE in 1987 and remained one of their most trusted officials until his departure in 2009, even refereeing the main event of a WrestleMania between The Undertaker and Edge! Now, Jimmy is coming to Wrestlelution 6 with the specific goal of making sure things stay on the up-and-up! PRIME management wants a decisive and definitive conclusion, and will risk NO chance or human error when it comes to the power and influence involved in this rivalry. 

Remember, the best of three series contains...

PRIME TV Champion Matthew Justice w/Marti Belle vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross

Rickey Shane Page vs. Bobby Beverly

PRIME Tag Team Champions Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox vs. Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen

Whichever side wins the most matches will get to see their representative named as PRIME Commissioner permanently - either Megalomaniac and current Commish Vic Travagliante or PRIME Foundation member and former Commish Justin LaBar

Will Jimmy Korderas be able to help the PRIME referees maintain order and finally resolve this battle of power? Where does the fate of PRIME Wrestling as a company lie?

Join us live by clicking on "Store" and reserving your tickets today! Or click on "iPPV", register/login and place your order to watch live from home! Whatever you do, don't miss this event as it happens!

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