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Over the six-year history of PWO/PRIME Wrestling, many of our events became available as DVD releases, mp4 releases, digital downloads, etc. but a few select events were never released at all after their initial television airings, due to a variety of reasons. We are proud to announce our intentions to release EVERY PWO/PRIME show for you, the public, including events and matches that have never been seen before ANYWHERE by anyone not in the building the day it was filmed!

Our first release takes you back to November of 2011 in Streetsboro, OH, as we celebrated our 4-Year Anniversary in a big way!

This all-star card had an unprecedented double main event - potentially two championship matches in one night! Reigning champion "Most Dominant Man" Jason Bane was challenged by former champion "Megastar" Marion Fontaine in a chaotic Lumberjack Match featuring nearly every top PWO/PRIME star at ringside! If Bane can survive, he moves on to defend his crown against "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross at the end of the night! Bane & Cross had some memorable HEATED altercations during this time, so Bane and Cross WILL do battle whether the title is involved or not!

Also, see the final PWO/PRIME appearance of "Big Rig" Brodie Lee before he lost his way in life and eventually became re-discovered and re-born as Luke Harper in The Wyatt Family. Brodie takes on PWO/PRIME journyman Corey Winters in a surprisingly competitive bout, but the main story may be what happened when Brodie & Fontaine pushed their war with authority a little too far!

Two of the most iconic names in PWO/PRIME history meet one-on-one, as they re-ignite a once-personal vendetta, which by this point was more based on respect and competition. Johnny Gargano and Gregory Iron, facing mounting threats from powerful factions Sex Appeal & The Dead Wrestling Society respectively, test one another in a fiercely competitive battle that may have gone down as one of the most underrated matches in company history!

See PWO/PRIME Tag Team Champions "Amazing" N8 Mattson & "Big Bear" Benjamin Boone, The Sons of Michigan, defend the gold against Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick, Aeroform, in a battle for territorial pride and tag team dominance!

Plus Matthew Justice's return from corporate wrestling and his explanation on why he told the WWE he didn't want to be a part of their machine!

All this and much more including action from PWO TV Champion Gory, "Embodiment of Evil" Krimson, Sex Appeal, Bryan Castle, Aaron Draven and others!

Place your order now for two discs & three solid hours of action commemorating a crazy first four years!

Only $15! (+s/h)

Stay posted in the months ahead, as we're just getting started in our look back at PWO and PRIME Wrestling!

PRIME Wrestling $5 DVD & T-Shirt Sale Returns Now Through 12/24!
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By popular demand, we are bringing back our $5 blow-out sale just in time for holiday shopping! All DVDs & T-Shirts are just $5 each + s&h (excluding Wrestlelution 6) and posters are just $3 each + s&h.

In order to receive the discount & and figure out shipping rates, you MUST e-mail to place your order. The PayPal buttons here on our site will NOT reflect these discounts, you MUST email us to receive them & offer ONLY good while supplies last!

PS - As a side note, we hope to have the DVDs of the rest of our 2013 shows (and maybe our missing 2011-2012 shows) available in early 2014!

DVDs Available For $5 each -

Pressure Rising 2013: Megalomania (Gargano vs. Krimson; Fontaine/Madrox/Page vs. Iron/Cross/Justice; Facade vs. Lyndon)

Epic Event 2013 (Gargano vs. Cross; Krimson & Kirst vs. Iron & Gowen; Facade vs. Shields)

Finale 2012 (Gargano vs. Gory; Iron & Gowen vs. Sons of Michigan; Cross vs. Kirst)

Brawl in the Hall 2 (Bane vs. Fontaine; Cross vs. Gory; Iron vs. Boone)

Gargano vs. Rhino (Gargano vs. Rhino; Jacobs vs. Beverly; Fontaine vs. Cross)

Wrestlelution 5: An Enduring Spirit (Gargano vs. Jacobs; Bane vs. Rhino; M-Dogg vs. Petey Williams; Iron vs. Gowen)

Mind Games (Gargano & Cross vs. Jacobs & Fontaine; Gowen vs. Kirst; Bane vs. Boone)

Do or Die (Jacobs vs. Lyndon; Iron & Gowen vs. Krimson & Kirst; Gory vs. Facade)

The New Era (Cross vs. Jacobs; Gory vs. Facade; Cross vs. Krimson)

Wrestlelution 4 (DVD or BluRay!) - (Kevin Nash & Draven vs. Brodie "Luke Harper" Lee & Fontaine; Gargano vs. Cross vs. Prohibition; Santana vs. Valentino)

Epic Event 2011 (Fontaine vs. Bane; Iron & Hobo vs. Sons of Michigan; Beverly vs. Facade)

Wrestlelution 3 (DVD or BluRay!) - Gargano vs. Cross; Bane vs. Raven; Hacksaw Duggan vs. Fontaine

Wrestlelution 2 - Gargano vs. Prohibition; Al Snow vs. N8 Mattson; Dumpster Match)

Slamming Into Summer 2009 (Cross & Bane vs. Prohibition & Tolar; Greg Valentine & Jim Neidhart vs. Matthew Justice & Morty Rackem; Gargano vs. Winters)

Wrestlelution (Cross vs. Prohibition; Gargano vs. Iron - Last Man Standing; Three Team Ladder Match)

Season 1 Volume 6 (Gargano Tries to End Iron's Career; Prohibition vs. Horiguchi; Gargano vs. Bane)

Season 1 Volume 5 (Prohibition & Gargano vs. Cross & Bane; Mattson vs. Idol; Justice vs. DeMarco)

Season 1 Volume 4 (Prohibition & Gargano vs. Colin Delaney & Jimmy Olsen; Shiima "Zema Ion" Xion & Morty Rackem vs. Virus & Virus Grande; Bane vs. Nothing)

T-Shirts for $5 each -

PRIME Wrestling Logo Shirt - Sizes Large & Extra Large ONLY

Wrestlelution 5 Commemorative Shirt - Sizes Adult Large & Extra Large ONLY

Wrestlelution 4 Commemorative Shirt - Sizes Youth Medium & Large, Adult Small & Medium ONLY

Event Posters - $3 Each +s&h

Wrestlelution 6 Traditional Poster

Wrestlelution 6 Animated Poster

Remember, you MUST e-mail directly in order to place your order and get these insane deals perfect for the hard-to-shop-for wrestling fan or for your own personal collection! Act now in time for the holidays! Deals expire December 24!

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Every year, special moments happen at Wrestlelution, but the feeling and emotion at Wrestlelution 6 was something never before felt in PRIME Wrestling. Paul London & Johnny Gargano gave you everything their bodies could endure in a physically draining and athletically breathtaking twenty-plus minute war. Krimson and Rhino battled throughout the building for the right to call themselves PRIME Champion. Several of the biggest names in PRIME/PWO history made their presence known unexpected and unannounced. The PRIME Foundation and Megalomaniacs went to war to determine where the fate and legacy of this company would lie.

Now, you can own the pinnacle and climax of PRIME Wrestling's six year journey and its year-long struggle to overcome the evil, greed, corruption, and ego that overtook it. Over three hours of action and drama is available NOW for pre-order! You'll get every match in its entirety including Johnny Gargano's emotional post-show speech! The DVDs are expected to ship around mid-November, but if you reserve your copy now, you pay only $15 (+s/h) - that's a 25% savings from the regular price!


PRIME Champion Krimson vs. Rhino - and the shocking and emotional aftermath involving Johnny Gargano & The PRIME Foundation

Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano

Best of Three Series PRIME Foundation vs. Megalomaniacs to Determine Commissioner
PRIME Tag Title Match: Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen (w/Justin LaBar) challenge Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox (w/Vic Travagliante)
PRIME TV Title Match: M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross challenges Matthew Justice (w/Marti Belle)
Bobby Beverly vs. Rickey Shane Page

Four-Way Elimination Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Facade vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Gory

Nicki Valentino vs. Mystery Opponent (w/Chris Van Vliet)

N8 Mattson, Benjamin Boone & Bobby Shields vs. Bryan Castle, Jay Flash & Mark Andrews (w/Aiden Veil)

Order NOW safely and securely here: 

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We are clearing out space to make room for new DVD titles and as a result you the fans benefit!

Order any DVDs you want from our "Archive" page in our Store - right here - and get an immediate $10 rebate for every DVD you buy! That means you only pay $5 per title (plus s&h)! This is the best deal you will find and your LAST chance to pick up these great titles, as they are all out of print. Offer only good while supplies last, when they are gone, they are gone!

This is your chance to own amazing action from the infancy of our promotion (2007-2011) featuring the likes of Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition, M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross, Shiima Xion (Zema Ion), Ashley Lane (Madison Rayne), Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Raven, Jason Bane, Michael Hutter (Derrick Bateman), Colin Delaney, Mike Tolar, Facade, Jimmy DeMarco, Gregory Iron, Hobo Joe, Marion Fontaine, Cronus, Aeroform, Sex Appeal, Matthew Justice, Krimson, Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), Sons of Michigan and many more! 

And while you're there be sure to check out our "New Releases" section to pick up the best of present-day!

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PRIME Wrestling has been hard at work for our loyal DVD fans, and are releasing four new titles immediately! If you missed anything from this television season so far, or wish to re-live it and own it forever, now is your opportunity! Each DVD is only $15 each and contains complete live events in full!

Gargano vs. Rhino (September 30, 2012 - Twinsburg, OH) - Johnny Gargano defends the PRIME Title against former World Champion "Man Beast" Rhino! "Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs vs. Bobby Beverly! N8 Mattson's return to the ring after one year vs. "Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron! Matt Cross vs. Marion Fontaine! TV Champion Facade vs. Benjamin Boone and much more!
Only $15 + s/h!

Five Year Anniversary: Brawl in the Hall 2 (October 20, 2012 - Parma, OH) - Jason Bane's final PRIME match before injury comes vs. Marion Fontaine! M-Dogg Matt Cross vs. Gory of the DWS! Gregory Iron vs. Benjamin Boone! Bobby Beverly vs. N8 Mattson! Plus, The Megalomaniacs take shape as Jeremy Madrox & Rickey Shane Page both make their PRIME debuts!
Only $15 + s/h!

Finale 2012 (December 7, 2012 - Cleveland, OH) - PRIME Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Gory, as Krimson watches on! Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron meet The Sons of Michigan in a #1 Tag Title Contender's Match! M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross vs. Kirst! Plus much more!
Only $15 + s/h!

Epic Event 2013 (January 18, 2013 - Cleveland, OH) - PRIME Champion Johnny Gargano vs. M-Dogg Matt Cross in arguably the best match in PRIME TV history! Krimson & Kirst defend the Tag Titles vs. Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron! TV Champ Facade vs. Bobby Shields plus Shields' war with "The Bev" Bobby Beverly! War with Megalomaniacs & Team LaBar reaches a fever pitch. BONUS: Johnny Gargano salutes 13-year-old Kayden after the show! Plus more!
Only $15 + s/h!

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