Welterweight Wrestling Live Stream



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The very first event of the welterweights! 4 hours on two discs featuring every match in its entirety!

Seven-Man Elimination Scramble To Crown A First-Ever Welterweight Champion!

Seven Qualifying Round Matches To Determine Who Advances To The Main Event:
Gory vs. Ophidian
Kevin Bennett vs. Cloudy
Ace Austin vs. Ace Perry
Dylan Bostic vs. Ryan Kidd
Cam Zagami vs. Nate Wings
Rayo vs. Marino Tenaglia
Lee Moriarty vs. Gavin Glass vs. Sage Philips vs. Sonny Vice

Tag Team Attraction: The Amazing Graysons vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels vs. Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan

– The complete 60-minute countdown special!
– Exclusive afternoon weigh-ins!
– The complete live intermission show including bonus match “Savvy” Sid Scala vs. “Playboy” Lewis Howley
– Bonus promos not seen in the countdown special!


Welterweight Wrestling is available now digitally courtesy of our affiliates at IndyWrestling.us!

You can order the entire event now, WITH bonus features, for the low price of $14.99 or you can purchase individual matches – the main event is yours to own for only $4.99, and each other individual match is only $2.99 each!

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