4-Way Welterweight Title Match To Main Event Welterweight 4!

Nate Wings Makes History; Captures Welterweight Championship At Welterweight 3!

Preview of Welterweight 3’s Championship Match – Gory vs. Nate Wings on April 29!

BONUS Footage On Welterweight 3 PPV Broadcast – Rey Mysterio & DJ Z vs. Gory & Ophidian!

#FREEMATCHES: Gory vs. Sage Philips and Ace Perry vs. Dylan Bostic added!

FREE MATCH: Welterweight Champion Gory vs. Ace Perry vs. Nate Wings

Photo Gallery of Gory vs. Rayo For The Welterweight Title In IWC Wrestling!

Ace Perry & Nate Wings Confrontation After Welterweight 2 PPV Went Off The Air

Welterweight Title Defended On The Road For The First Time – Gory Defeats Rayo!

Gory Unseats Perry – News On PPV Replay & DVD Release of Welterweight Wrestling 2!


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