Welterweight Wrestling 2 is coming… live from historic Turners Hall, 7235 Guthrie Ave in Cleveland, OH and available across the world on FITE!

Hot off of the critically acclaimed debut event, Welterweight Wrestling 2 picks up where the inaugural event left off. With a young, hungry roster of professional wrestlers 185 lbs and under, many overlooked, underappreciated, or deemed to be this generation’s version of “too small to be in the main event” like cruiserweights and junior heavyweights in eras before them, these athletes get their chance to compete on a level playing field, where size won’t hinder them, and the size of their heart can propel them to greatness! See the action unfold 100% live in a 3-camera full-HD shoot that captures every second of the high-octane, adrenaline-fueled action!

Stay posted for full roster and card information!

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