Re-Live The Controversial Conclusion Of The Welterweight 4 Main Event

Welterweight 4 was a star-studded event from top to bottom, but the most talked about moment of the pay-per-view was the conclusion of the Welterweight Championship Match that saw defending champion Nate Wings challenged by Ace Perry, Gory, and Dylan Bostic in a four-way, one-fall match. All three had qualified for the title opportunity, but in the case of Ace Perry, he just barely made the cut, to the point where WW Founder Joe Dombrowski stated it would be Ace’s one and only opportunity, so he better make the most of it. Ace Perry set out to do just that, but what would unfold is much less clear than Ace would have liked. Was the “One Man Boy Band” screwed over in his attempted pinfall or just a victim of circumstance? And what of Dylan Bostic skirting around the same issue moments later? Was Ace justified in his behavior towards referee Kris Levin? Check out the conclusion of the match and Ace’s comments backstage moments later:

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