Official Welterweight 4 Results – Welterweight Is Moneyweight

Official results from the Welterweight Wrestling 4 PPV –

Lee Moriarty defeated Ryan Kidd

Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan (Disciples of the Dead) beat Sage Philips & Cole Radrick

Gavin Glass pinned Adrian Quest

Trey Miguel beat DJ Z

Atticus Cogar won the Welterweight Rumble, last eliminating Ashton Day. The match also featured Malcolm Monroe III, Patrick Scott, Stevie Shields, Jordan Oliver Jr., Nick Nero, Damien Smith, Marc-Anthony Alejandro, Calvin Couture, and Josh Fuller

Sonny Vice defeated Myron Reed

Gregory Iron beat Brian Pillman Jr. in an Unsanctioned Match with the weight limit waived. Iron and Pillman shook hands afterward, with Pillman admitting he was wrong about Iron.

Dylan Bostic beat Welterweight Champion Nate Wings, Ace Perry, and Jason Gory in a 4-Way Match to win the title. Originally, the match was awarded to Ace by referee Dave Dawson, until lead referee Kris Levin overturned the decision and demanded the match continue, due to an unconscious Bostic’s foot being incidentally under the rope as Perry pinned him. After the restart, Bostic pinned Perry, while Perry’s foot being under the bottom rope was undetected by the officials and removed by Bostic. Perry assaulted referee Levin after the match.

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