Sage Philips & Cole Radrick Reunite To Face Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan At Welterweight 4!

At Welterweight 3, Alex Jordan and Shawn Phoenix were about as far from the same page as could be… they weren’t even reading the same book. After several weeks of trust issues, doubt, and attempts from the outside to sabotage their partnership, Jordan and Phoenix rose from the ashes with a newfound edge, and a bit of a killer instinct. Mentored by the one and only Krimson, Jordan & Phoenix have now found themselves more cohesive and successful than ever! Meanwhile, Sage Philips and Cole Radrick have been showcased as a team, as well as individually, and can push anyone on the roster to their limit, with Radrick even pinning rapidly-rising star Ace Austin back at Welterweight 3. With Sage’s proficiency and cerebral nature combined with Radrick’s impulsive erratic nature, they are the perfect complement for one another. Which team has the formula for success in this battle of four young guns with their best years still well ahead of them?

In addition to already announced:

*Welterweight Championship Four-Way Match: Nate Wings (c) vs. Ace Perry vs. Gory vs. Dylan Bostic

*DJ Z vs. Trey Miguel

*Weight Limit Waived: Brian Pillman Jr. vs Gregory Iron

*Myron Reed vs. Sonny Vice

*Lee Moriarty vs. Ryan Kidd

*Welterweight Rumble

See this and so much more LIVE on Sunday, September 23 at 5PM EST from Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH and across the world on FITE PPV on Welterweight Wrestling 4! Order the PPV at this link – Reserve your tickets and get further info now at or!

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