Atticus Cogar Issues With Joe Dombrowski Evolve Into 11-Man Welterweight Rumble!

Last month, at our sister brand Premier Championship WrestlingAtticus Cogar‘s brother Otis had his career ended when he was pinned in a match where the loser of the fall had to leave Premier forever. Atticus immediately swore revenge on the team responsible (Chris LeRusso & The Mane Event), but in order to get to them, Atticus had to appeal toward someone he’s never gotten along with… Director of Operations Joe Dombrowski.

Dombrowski put Atticus in a match…. but not at all the match Atticus had hoped for. A huge mountain awaits the sole surviving Cogar Brother September 23 at Welterweight 4.

It’s no secret there has been very strong mutual disdain between the two for over a year now, and on September 23 it may reach a new height.

Dombrowski has told Atticus if he wins his WW4 match, Atticus can get a future match against the men who ended his brother’s career, however Joe has found TEN men to oppose him in a Welterweight Rumble, and has promised a regular roster spot and contract to any of the ten men should they be victorious! Two men will start via random draw, with a new man entering every 90 seconds until all have entered. Elimination occurs when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor.

This match features Patrick Scott (as seen on NXT), Jordan Oliver Jr. (as seen in CZW), third-generation star Malcolm Monroe III, “Megastar” Ashton Day, Stevie Shields, Marc-Anthony Alejandro, Damien Smith, Calvin Couture, Josh Fuller, and Nick Nero, who have all worked tirelessly throughout the country to earn an opportunity such as this, and will be hungry and prepared to make the most of it!

Can Atticus overcome a competitive field or will someone achieve a full-time opportunity at his expense?

In addition to already announced:

*Welterweight Championship Four-Way Match: Nate Wings (c) vs. Ace Perry vs. Gory vs. Dylan Bostic

*DJ Z vs. Trey Miguel

*Weight Limit Waived: Brian Pillman Jr. vs Gregory Iron

*Myron Reed vs. Sonny Vice

See this and so much more LIVE on Sunday, September 23 at 5PM EST from Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH and across the world on FITE PPV on Welterweight Wrestling 4! Order the PPV at this link – Reserve your tickets and get further info now at or!

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