Brian Pillman Jr vs. Gregory Iron Signed For Welterweight 4 PPV!

Brian Pillman Jr. was brought to Welterweight Wrestling to serve as an ambassador and spokesman for the brand, stemming from the amazing thing his late father had done to innovate and popularize junior-heavyweight wrestling in his day. Instead, Brian sent our broadcast totally off the rails, and took it upon himself to spend an entire segment running the name of Gregory Iron into the ground, claiming Greg has no place in a ring, and is so weak he needs to be eliminated for the sake of not just Welterweight, but the industry as a whole. The incident turned physical when Pillman recruited JaXon Argos to aid in a 2-on-1 attack, that saw both bend Pillman’s crutch across Iron’s body, leaving Greg in physical and emotional ruin. Iron, however, never stays down permanently, and immediately began petitioning for a match with Pillman. However, since Pillman had no official wrestler’s contract, and is 40 pounds of muscle above the Welterweight weight limit, Greg had to sign a waiver absolving Pillman of weigh-in rules, and absolving Welterweight of any liability. Pillman agreed, in most profane terms, and it will be one-on-one, no Argos or Team Storm, no one to keep this confrontation from being settled.

In addition to already announced:

Welterweight Championship Four-Way Match: Nate Wings (c) vs. Ace Perry vs. Gory vs. Dylan Bostic

See this and so much more LIVE on Sunday, September 23 at 5PM EST from Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH and across the world on PPV! Reserve your tickets and get further info now at or!

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