4-Way Welterweight Title Match To Main Event Welterweight 4!


Your main event on September 23 for Welterweight 4 will be a Four-Way Match for the Welterweight Championship, featuring four very deserving competitors –

Nate Wings – current Welterweight Champion, who holds recent wins over Gory & Bostic

Jason Gory – the most recent Welterweight Champion, who holds past wins over Perry and Wings

Ace Perry – first ever Welterweight Champion, holds a recent pinfall win over Gory, and has been consumed with the goal of regaining the Welterweight Title.

Dylan Bostic – defeated Ace Perry in a Streetfight at WW3, blames Perry for the reason he did not defeat Wings to win the title.

All four have been intertwined with one another since virtually day one of the Welterweight brand. All four will have one night and one grand stage to finally fight to a finish.

See this and so much more LIVE on Sunday, September 23 at 5pm from historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH, and available around the world on PPV! Reserve your live event tickets today at Joe-Dombrowski.com orWelterweightWrestling.com!

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