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Tensions, emotions, and volatility hit new heights as the stakes continue to rise in Welterweight Wrestling 3. With turmoil and trust issues surrounding the Welterweight Championship, the title scene is in a state of chaos, meanwhile, a locker room full of hungry contenders begin to position themselves to one day challenge for the crown! It’s the most competitive and hungry talent roster in pro wrestling LIVE on PPV, with tons of extras, bonus matches, weigh-ins and more!

Welterweight Championship Match:
Gory​ w/ Atticus Cogar vs.Nate Wings

Dylan Bostic​ vs. Ace Perry

Four-Way Elimination Match
Myron Reed​ vs. Trey Miguel​ vs. Ace Austin​ vs. Cole Radrick

Ten-Man Elimination Tag Match
Rory Gulak​, Rayo​, Eye Candy Elliott Paul​, Bret Havoc​ & The Whisper vs. Ophidian The Cobra​, Frightmare, Cornelius Crummels, Shawn Phoenix​, Alex Jordan

Lee Moriarty​ vs. Gregory Iron

Gavin Glass​ vs. Ryan Kidd

Stevie​ Fierce vs. Sage Philips

Sonny Vice vs. Ryan Cassidy

PLUS: Lifetime Achievement Award to Flyin’ Brian Pillman Accepted By Brian Pillman​ Jr.

BONUS: Rey Mysterio & DJ Z vs. Welterweight Champion Gory & Ophidian

PLUS MP4/DVD Exclusive Extras Including:
– Afternoon Weigh-Ins In Their Entirety!
– The Welterweight 3 Countdown Show featuring Jason Kincaid vs. Ace Perry, video recap packages, and comments from over a dozen Welterweights!
-Welterweight Champion Gory vs. Rayo (first Welterweight Title defense in an outside promotion – International Wrestling Cartel)
– Ace Perry vs. Nate Wings
– Welterweight Champion Gory vs. Ace Perry vs. Nate Wings
– Ace Austin vs. Lee Moriarty
– Ace Perry vs. Dylan Bostic
– Welterweight Champion Gory vs. Sage Philips

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