4-Way Elimination Match Set For Welterweight 3 on April 29 – Trey Miguel vs. Myron Reed vs. Ace Austin vs. Cole Radrick

The state of Ohio has been a hotbed for young, rising talent in recent years, and one of the main reasons for that is the incredible surge of talent in the Dayton area. Myron Reed has been one of the most buzzworthy athletes of the past year, proving he belongs in the upper echelon of top indepdendent talent today. Cole Radrick has used his unorthodox energetic nature to establish himself as one to watch in the years ahead. Ace Austin is in the best shape of his life and has become more and more noticeable at several top promotions in the midwest and east coast. Trey Miguel is on the cusp of truly breaking out from the pack, and has already plied his trade internationally and on worldwide television.

There is a sense of competitive pride between all four who know what it’s like to train, eat, travel, study, and even live together in their respective journeys. No matter who or where we are referring to, everyone wants to be the “stand-out”, everyone wants to be the “one to watch”. On Sunday, April 29, we will determine which of these four can out-last the others. Who is the pride of Dayton and who is the one poised to change the wrestling world? It’s Elimination Rules as four men who know each other better than almost anyone do battle for pride, bragging rights, and a chance to shine on the PPV stage!

In addition to already announced…

*Welterweight Champion Jason Gory (w/Atticus Cogar) vs. Nate Wings
*Streetfight: Dylan Bostic vs. Ace Perry
*Gregory Iron vs. Lee Moriarty
*5-On-5 Elimination Tag: Ophidian, Frightmare, Cornelius Crummels, Shawn Phoenix, Alex Jordan vs. Rory Gulak, Eye Candy Elliott, Rayo, Bret Havoc, The Whisper
*Anthony Henry vs. Sonny Vice
*Gavin Glass vs. Ryan Kidd

See this match LIVE as part of Welterweight Wrestling 3, a 3-hour, three-camera, full-HD presentation on Sunday, April 29 at 5pm EST. Join us in person from historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, Ohio or watch from anywhere around the world on FITE! Visit WelterweightWrestling.com to purchase tickets, purchase the PPV, watch our past events, and get more information!

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