Welterweight Champion Jason Gory vs. Nate Wings Confirmed For Welterweight 3 PPV on April 29!

“The New Age Plague” Jason Gory has infected the Welterweights with darkness, hatred, pestilence, and despair. With the likes of Atticus Cogar watching in the shadows, prepared to do the champion’s bidding to create a hostile world in which only they can thrive in, Gory has turned away all top challengers since defeating Ace Perry at Welterweight 2.

Nate Wings has emerged triumphant as a story of hope and determination. In spite of enduring much pain and hardship, Nate has forged ahead in his goal of being champion, surviving to the final four of the Welterweight 1 Tournament, then winning the 7-Way Elimination Scramble at Welterweight 2 to ensure his championship opportunity!

Can the smallest Welterweight on the roster capture its biggest prize? Has the environment created by Gory & Atticus all but ensured that the Welterweight Title will remain ruled by those who would rather destroy the dreams of others than chase their own?

See this match LIVE as part of Welterweight Wrestling 3, a 3-hour, three-camera, full-HD presentation on Sunday, April 29 at 5pm EST. Join us in person from historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, Ohio or watch from anywhere around the world on FITE!

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