Ace Perry vs. Dylan Bostic in a STREETFIGHT Signed For Welterweight 3 PPV!

Dylan Bostic is the epitome of vanity, selfishness, and entitlement. Feeling he is the only true athlete deserving to be Welterweight Champion, Bostic has spent a year with a chip on his shoulder. Calling himself “Moneyweight”, Dylan resents anyone who dares challenge his thinking, or bursts his bubble to send him back to reality. Bostic was ONE competitor away from capturing the Welterweight Championship at Welterweight 1. When he came up just short, he couldn’t let go. Twitter campaigns, hostility towards management, and a near-public meltdown led to Bostic being banned from Welterweight 2, but a tainted victory against the man who beat him for the title in the first place has given “Swaggy D” even more to brag and boast about.

Ace Perry IS that man who beat Dylan Bostic to become the first Welterweight Champion and send Dylan into a meltdown. Full of positive energy, untamed athleticism, and an unwavering amoung of determination, the “One Man Boy Band” was the perfect man to be the face of Welterweight Wrestling… and it drove Bostic insane. Perry has overcome challenge after challenge, and even after being defeated for the title amidst controversy at Welterweight 2, Perry was frustrated, but remained focused. Perry has never let critics define him, including the likes of Bostic, who has been degrading and demeaning Perry since both were teenagers struggling to get noticed.

On Sunday, April 29 at Welterweight Wrestling 3, a decade of hostility finally comes to a head, as the rules are erased, and both men do battle in a Streetfight!

In addition to already announced…

Welterweight Champion Jason Gory (w/Atticus Cogar) vs. Nate Wings

See this match LIVE as part of Welterweight Wrestling 3, a 3-hour, three-camera, full-HD presentation on Sunday, April 29 at 5pm EST. Join us in person from historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, Ohio or watch from anywhere around the world on FITE! Visit to purchase tickets, purchase the PPV, watch our past events, and get more information!

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