Full List of Competitors Announced For Welterweight 3! *UPDATED April 4*

Welterweight’s most “proficient” competitor, Sage has proven he is quite versatile in ring and out. While the two sides of his personality, from mild-mannered and studious into the intense and tenacious side we see in the ring, couldn’t be more different, it’s certainly helped as Sage furthers his wrestling education, soaking in knowledge at every opportunity. Be it in singles or tag or any other match type imaginable, Sage has proven to be a formidable foe for all who find themselves across the ring from him. Who will be across the ring from Sage on PPV at Welterweight 3?

A finalist of the Welterweight 1 Championship Tournament, Rayo returns looking to ascend back up the rankings. This Incan warrior and former soccer stand-out is also part of history, as he challenged Welterweight Champion Jason Gory in the International Wrestling Cartel in the first-ever Welterweight Title defense both outside of our home state of Ohio and outside of the Welterweight brand & Premier sister brand. Rayo has proven he can take the best to the limit, and with recent stops in companies like EVOLVE, he is only getting better. What is the fate of Rayo in Welterweight Wrestling?  

Our Welterweights wouldn’t have the platform they do if it wasn’t for the trendsetters and innovators that worked tirelessly to ensure smaller statured athletes had a place on event cards and were accepted by audiences. Junior heavyweights, light-heavyweights, and cruiserweights broke down barriers and changed perceptions for years, and one of the first to do it in a major mainstream way in the United States was “Flyin'” Brian Pillman. We are pleased to announce that we will honor Brian’s contributions to our great sport on pay-per-view on Sunday, April 29, and Brian’s son will be on hand as part of the presentation. While Brian will not be wrestling, as he exceeds the Welterweight weight limit, and is currently battling injury, we are excited to have him on hand to witness an event featuring so many athletes who were inspired by watching many of his father’s classic matches.

A stand-out in the Chicago area with promotions such as Freelance Wrestling, Stevie is set to make his Welterweight debut! Known to use the word “aesthetic” to describe himself, Stevie is rarely seen without a mirror by his side, but don’t let the vanity fool you, as he has proven to be as tough as they come, and without a doubt one of the top rising stars in the midwest to watch. Trained by cruiserweight standout Brian Kendrick, its only natural that Stevie find a home amongst the Welterweights. How will Stevie fair when he enters the land of the Welterweights for the very first time?

Another of the rising stand-out Chicago area talents, Elliott made his Welterweight debut at our second event in tag team action, and immediately stood out with his brash personality and constant craving of the spotlight. While he often tells opponents they’ll have to “taste the candy”, it was Elliott himself who left the event with a bad taste in his mouth, following a tag team loss to Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan. Can Elliott redeem himself and own the room once more on April 29?

An athlete who wasn’t on the Welterweight radar before Welterweight 2, The Whisper was a surprise alternate entrant in our 7-Way #1 Contender Scramble and left a memorable impression. Best known for his time in CHIKARA, where he excelled as a Young Lions Cup Champion and stooped to un-thought of lows when he stole the identity of fellow Welterweight Ophidian, Whisper knows how to defeat his opponents physically and psychologically as well. Will he be able to get inside the heads of the rest of the Welterweight roster on April 29?

Dubbed “The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air”, Trey has become one of the most well-traveled and prolific members of a growing Dayton, Ohio wrestling scene. After a miscommunication kept him out of Welterweight 1, Trey took it upon himself to crash Welterweight 2 to right some wrongs and prove himself to any doubters and critics, going on to engage in perhaps the most physical match of the night against Sonny Vice. However, that only serves to scratch the surface on what Trey is capable of. From across the United States and into Mexico, Trey has proven to fans all over that there is no limit to what he can accomplish. What will Trey do with a worldwide PPV audience watching on April 29?

The very first Welterweight Champion is a natural addition to the most stacked Welterweight line-up to date! The “One Man Boy Band” out-lasted 15 other Welterweights to become the inaugural champion at Welterweight 1, a title he wore and defended proudly against the likes of Jonathan Gresham and Gregory Iron. At Welterweight 2, it took #1 Contender Jason Gory, Gory’s underling Atticus Cogar, and an accidental dropkick from Nate Wings, to defeat Perry and ultimately cost him the championship. Perry has stayed in title contention ever since, battling the likes of Gory, Wings, and especially Dylan Bostic, who has bad-mouthed Perry ever since Perry defeated him in the finals of Welterweight 1. Ace wants the gold back, but will Welterweight 3 bring him one step closer or make the journey that much longer?

This former EVOLVE Tag Team Champion stole the show at Welterweight 2 in a battle against Jason Kincaid that had a little bit of everything and truly pushed both competitors to their limits and then some. Henry has made major waves with show-stealing performances from the southeast to the midwest and is a name synonymous with work ethic, dedication, and intensity. What will he do to make sure he stands out from the pack at Welterweight 3?


The “Apex of Combat” claims to be a serious, disciplined, focused fighter but between his immature antics, overbearing personality, and braggadocios claims, Lee seems content to succeed at any cost, regardless of what his alleged hero Bruce Lee would think about it. Lee’s selfish nature reached new levels when he interrupted Gregory Iron’s heartfelt speech regarding a serious injury, and proceeded to taunt and mock the “Handicapped Hero”. Later, Lee would physically accost Iron, steal Iron’s ringside commentary chair to attempt to use it illegally, then strike Iron below the belt when Greg tried to prevent Lee from using the chair. Lee’s behavior was unconscionable. What’s in store for him come Welterweight 3?

One of the most well-traveled members of the entire roster, Ryan has trained all over the world, and has perhaps the sharpest mind of any 22-year-old to be in the game in recent memory. After being robbed in his Welterweight 1 Championship Qualifier, “Mr. Excitement” returned to give it his all in the 7-Way Scramble at Welterweight 2. Now, Ryan is spreading his message of motivation, heart, passion, and love for professional wrestling more than ever, and is determined to battle his way up the Welterweight rankings no matter what the workload is or what obstacles come in front of him. Ryan lives for today, lives for the moment, but also lives to be the best Welterweight in the world today. How will he fare on his journey?

The lucha-dorable athlete best known for his time in CHIKARA Pro brings his unique style and rapid athleticism to Welterweight PPV for the very first time. While he was battling an injury during the time of Welterweight 2, Frightmare has, in fact, done battle with current Welterweight Champion Jason Gory inside of historic Turners Hall in the past. A former Young Lions Cup Champion, and King of Trios co-winner, Frightmare can excel in big match situations. What’s on his agenda come Welterweight 3?

You can call him “One Armed & Dangerous” or “Handicapped Hero” or any of 100 other monikers that have been created to attempt to describe the heart, desire, passion, and unique story that Gregory Iron brings with him. The only pro wrestler in the world with cerebral palsy, Greg has survived hardship after hardship to make a name for himself as one of the most entertaining and hardest working talents in the game today. His most recent setback was a most sensitive one – a serious injury to a specific part of his groin that left him unable to compete at Welterweight 2 last fall. Greg still appeared at the event to support the brand and its talent, and provide ringside commentary, but it was Lee Moriarty who went way over the line to try to make a name for himself at Greg’s expense. Greg will be prepared for action on April 29 and word has it he may be just a tiny bit angry at Lee Moriarty.

Diabolical and deplorable, the sadistic Cogar Brother takes at will from his victims, be it mind or body, and has no shred of empathy in his blackened soul. Atticus appeared unannounced at Welterweight 1, issuing an open challenge, and defeating his opponent in what is still record time for the quickest victory in Welterweight history. At Welterweight 2, Atticus & brother Otis attempted to end the career and livelihoods of arch-rivals Cornelius Crummels and Sonny Defarge. Atticus was also instrumental in his fellow member in the group The Culmination, Jason Gory, capturing the Welterweight Championship, as Atticus was a pivotal distraction that not only threw prior champion Ace Perry off his game, but led to the rift between former friends Perry and Nate Wings. No matter where he goes, Atticus spreads enough misery, trauma, pain, and anguish to last a lifetime. We at Welterweight Wrestling would prefer Atticus NOT attend but, with Gory as Welterweight Champion, and a history of Atticus bucking authority, we’re likely powerless to stop such a truly sinister entity.

Perhaps the most innovative and unique athlete in the entire industry today, Kincaid busts out something nearly every match that’s seemingly never been seen before. A quiet man who keeps to himself out of the ring, and is frequently in a meditative zen-like state, this loner from the mountains of West Virginia uses his higher plane of thought to outsmart, outwit, out-strategize and ultimately out-last his opponents. In the eyes of many, Kincaid’s victorious battle against Anthony Henry stole the show at Welterweight 2. It’s hard to tell what frame of mind Kincaid is in at times due to his unorthodox behavior, including recently changing his look drastically, shaving his trademark hair and beard, but one thing that can’t be denied as Kincaid’s passion for competition and his desire to be the one people leave Welterweight 3 talking about!

One-half of CHIKARA’s traveling businessmen, and former tag champion in CHIKARA as well current tag champion in our sister brand Premier Championship Wrestling with partner Sonny Defarge, Mr. Crummels has had a difficult road to get here, competing in wild three-team action at Welterweight 1, then having been bloodied, choked, dragged, defeated and tortured by Atticus Cogar & Otis Cogar at Welterweight 2. Crummels returns, however, with The Cogar vendetta behind him, Crummels looks ahead with the mindset of testing himself against the top competition he can find and proving he can be among the elite Welterweights. Business on April 29 for Mr. Crummels, could wind up being good indeed.


Fresh off of an impressive visit to the WWE Performance Center, Dylan returns to one of his home-bases. No one loves attention and controversy more than “Swaggy D”, and Dylan has been at the center of it since day one of Welterweight Wrestling. A finalist in the inaugural Welterweight Championship Tournament, Bostic seemed moments from victory before a heroic effort by Ace Perry secured the title in his favor. Bostic created a stir on social media, blasting Perry, management, and the entire Welterweight brand on his Twitter so severely and repeatedly that he was taken off of the live Welterweight 2 PPV and forced to purchase time to still be involved. Now, Bostic will be at the event, 100% live, and with no safety net. Will “The Justin Bieber of Pro Wrestling” find a way to make another event all about him and get back into title contention?

Always quick to remind us he is “A Cut Above The Rest”, this high school sports standout scored a breakout win at Welterweight 2 with his defeat of Sonny Kiss, and looks to build from that momentum. Brash and conceited, Gavin feels he is more than enough competition for anyone up and down the Welterweight roster. What awaits him on his return to PPV on April 29?

So energetic he’s called “Kinetic”, Cole Radrick brings an irreverent charisma and fearless attitude into every battle he wages. Whether teaming with frequent Hysteria partner Sage Philips or out on his own, Radrick has an unpredictability that keeps the audience’s eyes glued on him and opponents always wondering what’s next. While one of the least experienced of the Welterweight field, Raddy seems determined to scratch and claw and fight onward until he’s earned his place among the top Welterweight competitors. Very passionate toward his craft, and very proud about being allegedly six feet tall (though our records show different), Radrick will need every advantage he can find stepping into perhaps the most loaded Welterweight event to date!

Perhaps one of the midwest’s best kept secrets, the man who dubbs himself “Beautiful” and “Mr. 50 Shades” has been stealing shows across his homestate of Indiana and the surrounding area for many years, including battles with fellow Welterweights such as Ace Perry and Sage Philips, and stops in such notable promotions as IWA Mid-South. Throughout his nine year career, Bret’s strongest asset has always been his confidence, over-confidence in the eyes of many, as Bret believes he can get the best of anyone, regardless of the situation. Can Bret make a powerful impression and conquer the land of the Welterweights like he believes?

From a kid who received an opportunity through some good timing and a little luck to one of the most promising rising stars in the area, the man dubbed “Notorious” largely for his MMA successes pre-pro wrestling has grown up before our eyes since Welterweight 1. After scoring a big tag team with with partner Shawn Phoenix at Welterweight 2, the duo hit a rough patch of road with trust and loyalty between the two being brought into question, as Phoenix began being courted by Welterweight Champion Gory’s Culmination. Alex looks to use Welterweight 3 to put the drama and uncertainty aside and show the worldwide PPV audience what he knows in his heart – there’s no obstacle Alex Jordan can’t get around with his work ethic and determination.

The “Master of Snake Style” has been one of the most prominent fixtures of our Welterweight supercards thus far, stealing the show in the eyes of many when he battled Gory at Welterweight 1, and having a stand-out performance during the 7-Way Elimination Scramble at Welterweight 2 until Rory Gulak, upset about his own elimination from the match, became Ophidian’s downfall. The “Serpent of the Nile” has publicly requested another chance to get even with the “Amazing” Gulak and to show he can be a top tier competitor in Welterweight Wrestling no matter the circumstances. With a style and mentality truly unqiue from everyone else, there’s certainly nothing that’s impossible for the Venomous & Vile one!

Despite being only 20 years old, the man known to bring “Hot Fire” everywhere he goes has become one of the most talked-about rising stars anywhere in the country. Myron has surfaced, or is scheduled to surface, in nearly every top buzz-worthy promotion today including ROH, EVOLVE, AAW, CZW, Beyond, and many more! Myron added Welterweight Wrestling to that list when he was a surprise mystery entrant in the 7 Way Elimination Scramble at Welterweight 2, immediately dazzling fans with his athleticism and energy. But Myron isn’t just happy to be participating, he wants to be the absolute best and won’t let anything stand in his way. Will he have a breakout performance as part of Welterweight 3?

The “Firebird” and “Punk Rock Pyromaniac” returns to PPV after a successful outing at Welterweight 2, where he teamed with Alex Jordan to best Eye Candy Elliott & Tyler Nitro. Welterweight 1 was the site of the first-ever teaming between Phoenix & Jordan, so the brand holds special personal significance to them both. However, the duo has not been on the same page in our sister brand in recent months. Trust issues have been growing between the two, and there seems to be no easy fix in sight. Will this play into the kind of night Shawn Phoenix has at Welterweight 3?

Welterweight Wrestling 3 welcomes… Rory Gulak

A self-described “Amazing” athlete, and brother of WWE 205 Live’s Drew Gulak, Rory brought an unmatched confidence to the 7-Way Elimination Scramble #1 Contender’s Match at Welterweight 2. While an escalating war with Ophidian served to take both men’s focus away from the goal at hand, Rory returns on April 29, no doubt fully prepared to bask in the spotlight even longer this time around.

Welterweight Wrestling 3 welcomes… Nate Wings

Nate is the smallest Welterweight on the roster at just 130 pounds, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most dynamic, popular, and successful athlete on the entire brand. From lasting until the final four in our inaugural Welterweight Championship Tournament, to redeeming himself by winning the 7-Way Elimination Scramble at Welterweight 2 to become #1 Contender to the Welterweight Championship! Nate gets his opportunity against “The New Age Plague” Gory live at Welterweight 3! Can the man some call the embodiment of the Welterweight spirit become the flag-bearer of the movement he’s so synonymous with?

Welterweight Wrestling 3 welcomes “The New Age Plague” Jason Gory!

The current reigning Welterweight Champion spreads his pain and pestilence across the Welterweight landscape once again. As leader of The Culmination, with sadistic disciples like Atticus Cogar in tow, Gory captured the Welterweight Championship in the main event of Welterweight 2, when he defeated Ace Perry after a miscue between Perry and New #1 Contender Nate Wings. Now, Gory is slated to be challenged by Wings in one of the main events of Welterweight 3. Can Gory’s mantra of “Infect the World” continue to overtake Welterweight Wrestling or will Nate Wings fly high enough to alter the direction of Welterweight Wrestling moving forward?

Welterweight Wrestling 3 welcomes…. PAUL LONDON

One of the most innovative and influential cruiserweights in history enters a new, exciting weight class to test himself against the next generation of wrestling’s rising athletic, so-called undersized stars. Paul began wrestling in 2000, and through his time in Ring of Honor, where his daredevil style earned him the chant “Please Don’t Die”, to WWE, where he broke records during his tag team title reign with Brian Kendrick, to re-inventing himself again in Lucha Underground, to touring dozens of countries across the world, Paul’s passion, commitment, and desire for professional wrestling is equal to, or surpasses, anyone you can name. Now, in Welterweight Wrestling, London will be surrounded by an entire roster of passionate athletes looking to create a name for themselves at his expense. Will “The Intrepid Traveler” be prepared for the test that awaits him in arguably the hungriest locker room in the industry?

See Paul London and ALL of the Welterweights LIVE on Sunday, April 29 as we present Welterweight Wrestling 3 from historic Turner’s Hall in Cleveland, OH! Join us in person or watch from anywhere in the world on FITE! Purchase your tickets in the “Events” tab and RSVP right here: https://www.facebook.com/events/974425252708993/

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