4-Way Elimination Match Set For Welterweight 3 on April 29 – Trey Miguel vs. Myron Reed vs. Ace Austin vs. Cole Radrick

5-on-5 Elimination Tag Signed For Welterweight 3 – April 29 on PPV!

Anthony Henry To Meet Sonny Vice on April 29 At Welterweight 3 PPV!

Ryan Kidd vs. Gavin Glass Signed For Welterweight 3 PPV on Sunday, April 29!

Gregory Iron To Battle Lee Moriarty on April 29 Welterweight 3 PPV!

#FREEMATCHES: Gory vs. Sage Philips and Ace Perry vs. Dylan Bostic added!

Ace Perry vs. Dylan Bostic in a STREETFIGHT Signed For Welterweight 3 PPV!

Welterweight Champion Jason Gory vs. Nate Wings Confirmed For Welterweight 3 PPV on April 29!

BREAKING: Paul London Injured In UK; Out For Welterweight 3

FREE MATCH: Welterweight Champion Gory vs. Ace Perry vs. Nate Wings


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