May 29 Update

Hope everyone is having a safe holiday weekend, while your waiting for the cookout here is a few more guys joining our good fight!!!!

Marshall Gambino
The Bull is known for not taking anything from anyone, so at Stomp Out Cancer the competition better step aside!!! Marshall will be bringing his no nonsense attitude to The Stronghold on July 15th!!!

Drake Braddock
The Bullet Catcher is no stranger to a fight and is coming to Stomp Out Cancer!!! Drake is just returning from and injury and looking to make up for lost time and pick up a victory!!!

STDs (Chest Flexor and Corey Futuristic)
Flexor and Futuristic are making their way to The Stronghold to Stomp Out Cancer!!! Don’t take The Sexy Talented Dudes laid back attitude for granted as these two have been known to throw down with some of the best!!!!