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“PRIME Cuts – Johnny Gargano: A Coming of Age – Part 1 (2007-2010)” Available Now On DVD & Digital Download

Before “The Whole Shebang”, before “Johnny Wrestling”, before the worldwide fame and appeal… Johnny Gargano was a 20-year-old kid with a chip on his shoulder, quickly beginning to dominate the wrestling scene. In this, part one of a special two-part series, watch Johnny Gargano in his early years, and see him transform from ego-driven child […]

“PRIME Cuts – M-Dogg Matt Cross: Aerial Insanity” Available Now On DVD & Digital Download

Matt Cross is one of the most unique athletes in all of professional wrestling. Using his lifelong passion for gymnastics and parkour, M-Dogg is able to perform some of the most gravity and physics-defying maneuvers ever seen! Matt’s talents have taken him to 20 different countries, in front of millions of fans, but Matt always […]

Jimmy Jacobs – I Beat The Odds & I Beat The Gods Available on DVD & Digital NOW!

Re-live the best of PWO/PRIME Wrestling with the first in a series of our PRIME Cuts! He is diabolical, sinister, and a psychological master. He is an eclectic enigma, unstable entity, and perhaps the only man so tough, he has earned the right to call himself whatever he wishes… including “The Zombie Princess”. Now, re-live […]