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“Montreal Theory” Combo Pack Now Available!

Buy the DVD & Shirt together for only $30 (+s/h)!   Please Specify Shirt Type/Size   It’s the most controversial & best-selling DVD we’ve ever produced. The “Montreal Screwjob” in November 1997 is still talked about and debated to this day in all forms of media, from wrestling podcasts to mainstream news. But do we […]

Two “Montreal Screwjob” T-Shirt Designs Available!

Last year, the release of “The Montreal Theory” led to a whirlwind of discussion and debate about the validity of 1997’s infamous “Montreal Screwjob” involving Vince McMahon, Bret Hart, and a slew of supporting cast. Some were convinced we were never told the whole, true story, some swear by the official story as gospel. Regardless […]

The Montreal Theory: Johnny Gargano Tells Us His Montreal Theory

This week, we talk to a decorated champion and world traveler, one of the top independent talents in the industry today, “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano about his views on conspiracies in wrestling and his weird affinity with various types of gates.

The Montreal Theory: Justin Credible Tells Us His Montreal Theory

This week, we hear from former ECW World Champion Justin Credible (now known as PJ Polaco) who, as an unofficial member of wrestling’s infamous “Kliq”, has a close understanding of some of the minds involved in Montreal.