All figures are mint on card unless otherwise noted. Additional information and photos available upon request. Please e-mail for more information or to arrange an international order (outside US).


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$10 Carded Figures

WWF Royal Rumble Ric Flair (2002),

WWE 2016 Miniature Figurines (Approx 2.5 inches in height)

Brock Lesnar,
John Cena,

WCW Power Slam – Kanyon

$15 Carded Figures

WCW/nWo Kevin Nash (1997 – vibrating action does not work),
WCW/nWo Kevin Nash (1998)
WWF Jakks Rulers of the Ring Series 4 William Regal
WWF Jakks Special Edition Series 5 Ken Shamrock,

$25 Carded Figures

WWF Jakks Managers Series 1 Crush & Clarence Mason
WWF 2 Tuff Series 1 Goldust & Marlena
WWE Unchained Fury John Cena (blue shorts),
WWE Unchained Fury John Cena (black shorts),

WWE Mattel Figures (Hasbro-Style)
Roman Reigns
Ultimate Warrior