Official results from this past Saturday night’s Premier Championship Wrestling event “November Pain” –

The Mane Event (Ganon Jones Jr. & Duke Davis) beat Premier Tag Team Champions Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels to win the titles. After the match, TME continued to attack their opponents with chairs until they were pursued by a still-angry Culmination. Atticus Cogar then made amends with long-time rivals Crummels & Defarge, helping them to the back.

Ace Perry beat Marc-Anthony Alejandro, Cisco Silver, and Bret Havoc in a 4-Way Welterweight Showcase, pinning Alejandro. After the match, Bret Havoc laid out Perry with a double-underhook piledriver.

Andrew Palace pinned Lee Moriarty

Team Storm (Jack PollockJaXon Argos & RC Dupree) beat Rickey Shane PageGregory Iron and Sonny Vice when Pollock pinned RSP following a low blow.

Remy LaVey beat “AMAZING” N8 MATTSON

Londyn Ali defeated Queen Aminata

New Premier Tag Team Champions Ganon Jones Jr & Duke Davis came to the ring with a list of demands they wanted from Director of Operations Joe Dombrowski, including the firing of Atticus Cogar. Dombrowski refused to do so, citing that Atticus finally has a cause worth fighting for. When TME became more forceful in their demands, The Culmination hit the ring to continue their mission of destruction, while TME retreated. Dombrowski and Cogar made amends, as the Director of Ops was shockingly saved by his long-time hated rival.

Chris LeRusso beat Atticus Cogar after sneak-attacking him before the bell, leading to a wild brawl all over the building.

Dave Kich, personal ring announcer to J-Rocc came to the ring to insult, provoke and incite Premier ring announcer Nick Lendl. Nick had been told earlier in the night by Joe Dombrowski that if he struck anyone while ring announcing, like he did J-Rocc a month ago, he’d be immediately terminated. After several minutes of Kich’s diatribe, Nick revealed Dombrowski had also given him an open contract… for a match. Lendl challenged J-Rocc & Kich to a match next month, and revealed his tag partner would be Andrew Palace.

Jason Gory beat Premier Champion Ron Mathis via disqualification (Mathis retains the title). Gory had Mathis seemingly ready to tap out in mere seconds before Chris LeRusso blatantly interfered. This led to all of Chris LeRusso’s Court and The Culmination battling 4-on-3, and then shockingly Cornelius Crummels emerging to help The Culmination in the fight. The melee ended with all competitors down on the floor, with both Gory and Atticus Cogar holding the Premier Championship, signifying their desire to perhaps one day officially wear the title.

Premier Championship Wrestling returns to historic Turners Hall on Sunday, December 16 at 5pm for “Holiday Havoc 2018”. Tickets go on sale this Monday at Joe-Dombrowski.com!