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Premier Championship’s Wrestling “Powder Keg” – Saturday, July 6! RESULTS POSTED!

Official results from Premier’s “Powder Keg” this past Saturday night –   Sless Taylor pinned “AMAZING” N8 MATTSON   RC Dupree pinned Lemmy San Dimas   Cisco Silver, Nate Wings & Puerto Rican Pitbull beat Welterweight Champion Dylan Bostic, Malcolm Monroe III & Calvin Couture when Wings pinned MM3. Calvin was serenaded to the ring […]

Premier Championship Wrestling’s “Doomsday” – Saturday, June 8 – RESULTS POSTED

  Official results of Premier Championship Wrestling’s “Doomsday” this past Saturday –   Malcolm Monroe III defeated Nate Wings   “AMAZING” N8 MATTSON beat Sless Taylor   Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge beat Big Facts (Eli Shelton & Jason Page)   Andrew Palace beat Coach Valentino (After the bout, Valentino refused to leave the ring. […]

Premier Championship Wrestling Presents “Fallout” on Sunday, April 28 – RESULTS POSTED

The stakes in Premier Championship Wrestling have never been greater, and with all of the explosive action, there is poised to be an equally devastating reaction. Get ready to watch your favorite stars aim to survive the treacherous fallout! Official results from Premier’s “Fallout” – Sunday, April 28, 2019 Sless Taylor beat Bruce Grey. After […]

Joe Dombrowski 2018 Results

#541: Premier “New Year’s Revolution” – January 6, 2018 – Cleveland, OH 4729. Jack Pollock w/ RC Dupree defeated Aaron Williams 4730. Solo Darling beat Laura Loveless 4731. Premier Tag Team Champions Atticus Cogar & Otis Cogar beat Ty Cross & Edric Everhart 4732. Ace Perry battled Nate Wings to a no-contest after both began […]

Premier Championship Wrestling Presents “Outbreak” on Saturday, March 9 – OFFICIAL RESULTS POSTED!

We tried to contain the hostility, but Premier Championship Wrestling stars are poised for an outbreak of aggression and rage as the battle for momentum and glory continues! Join us on Saturday, March 9 from historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH! Tickets on sale NOW below – Official results from Premier Championship Wrestling “Outbreak” this […]

Premier Championship Wrestling Presents “Zero Hour” Saturday, February 2 in Cleveland – RESULTS POSTED!

Official results from Premier’s “Zero Hour” this past Saturday night – Ron Mathis beat Remy LaVey in a non-title bout, attacking him further following the bout Katie Arquette beat Joseline Navarro Cisco Silver defeated RC Dupree Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummles beat Nick Nero & Johnny Patch. Following the match, Nero blamed Patch for the […]