On November 9, 1997, professional wrestling changed forever.

In April of 2013, wrestling’s most controversial moment in modern history got flipped upside down.

The debate rages to this day about who did and didn’t know what, who was or wasn’t in on it, and whether or not there was even an “it” to be in on in the first place. The Montreal Screwjob will go down as the most talked about, analyzed, and influential moment perhaps to ever occur in our industry.

Twenty years later, Sports Illustrated has even gotten into the act!’s Dan Greene recently sat down with Joe Dombrowski to discuss the impact of the incident and the intricacies of the “Theory”!

Read the article in full here:

Joe also appeared on Sportstalk with Steve Kaplowitz on ESPN Radio 600 AM in El Paso, TX to discuss and anniversary and the “Theory”!

If you haven’t delved into The Montreal Theory yet, there’s no better time than now! The DVD and MP4 are available in the “Store” section, or add in a shirt and make it a combo pack and save! Here is the trailer, still one of the most widely viewed videos ever on the Joe Dombrowski YouTube page: