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Joe Dombrowski 2019 Event Results

VO #167: Prestige Wrestling – Rise or Die Trying 5299. 1st Annual Rise Or Die Trying Tournament First Round: Sonico defeats Pitfall Jones (10:40) 5300. 1st Annual Rise Or Die Trying Tournament First Round: Mike Santiago defeats CJ Edwards (9:43) 5301. 1st Annual Rise Or Die Trying Tournament First Round: Chase James vs. Lance Pierson […]

Wrestling From The Heartland: The Lost Developmental Territory Vol. 1 – 6+ Hours On DVD & Digital Available Now!

  The year is 2001 and the wrestling business has changed drastically. There is only one national wrestling promotion left in existence and, without competing promotions to scout established talent in, a developmental system is formed to groom the next generation’s superstars. Footage, stories, and stars from Ohio Valley, Memphis, Georgia, and Florida have been […]

Premier Wrestling’s “Zero Hour” 2019 is Saturday, February 15! RESULTS POSTED!

Official results from Premier’s “Zero Hour” this past Saturday night – Ashton Day defeated Welterweight Champion Cisco Silver in a non-title match Victor Veil pinned JD Smooth Sonny Defarge defeated Sless Taylor Otis Cogar came out to confront Chris LeRusso but instead was met by Chris’ Power of Attorney Marcus Mann. Marcus and Otis “negotiated” a match for March 15 where Otis will […]

Premier Wrestling “New Year’s Revolution” – Sunday, January 12 – RESULTS POSTED!

Premier’s top stars usher in a new calendar year with its usual brand of mayhem and unpredictability! Stay posted here for talent and match announcements! Reserve your tickets now below! Official Results: Official results from Premier’s “New Year’s Revolution” this past Sunday! Andrew Palace beat Ron Mathis. After the match, Palace had words for Calvin […]

Premier Wrestling’s “Holiday Havoc” – Sunday, December 8 – RESULTS POSTED!

Official results from Premier’s “Holiday Havoc” this past Sunday – Remy LaVey & Jason Gory defeated RC Dupree (w/painting) & VIP Joe Rosa Welterweight Champion Cisco Silver defeated Ashton Day Katie Arquette defeated Zoey Skye to become the first ever Premier Women’s Champion Facade w/Dani defeated Ron Mathis J-Rocc (w/ Dave Kich) & Carter Robinson […]

Premier Championship Wrestling “November Pain” – Saturday, November 16 – RESULTS POSTED!

Official results from Premier’s “November Pain” this past Saturday: Remy LaVey beat RC Dupree Lexx Vegas of The Commission defeated Bryan Convel (with Kalam). After the bout, Lexx stated his goal to have The Commission win the Premier Tag Team Titles in 2020. Sless Taylor defeated The Puerto Rican Pitbull Marion Fontaine beat Ron Mathis, Andrew Palace, and Ace Perry in […]

Premier Championship Wrestling “Revengeance” – Saturday, October 19 – RESULTS POSTED!

  Official results from Premier’s “Revengeance” this past Saturday night – The Commission (Lexx Vegas & JaXon Kade) beat The Natural Aces (Sam Beale & Ace Myles) Victor Veil defeated Carter Robinson, winning the $3,000 Robinson wagered in this match. Andrew Palace beat Ashton Day. After the match, Palace warned Day “If you ever sing that song again, I will shove […]