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We at PRIME Wrestling recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of Wrestlelution 6, our final live event ever (check out our page on YouTube for our final farewell segment!), but the legacy of PRIME Wrestling and PWO are still thriving to this day!

Thanks to continued support from you fans, Wrestlelution 6 has become the biggest selling DVD in our history, and our series of "Best of" DVDs referred to as "PRIME Cuts" have received great responses as well! Already, we have DVDs spotlighting Johnny Gargano, M-Dogg Matt Cross, and Jimmy Jacobs on the market with future titles planned for Gregory Iron, Shiima Xion (aka DJ Zema Ion), a second installment of Gargano, The Women of PWO/PRIME, and much more! 

While there won't be any further updates to, those releases will be featured and sold, available to be shipped worldwide, via along with other great releases & original content. Be sure to stay posted there for all of your PRIME needs and for news on future releases, including some exciting projects planned for the future we aren't allowed to talk about yet!

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Over the six-year history of PWO/PRIME Wrestling, many of our events became available as DVD releases, mp4 releases, digital downloads, etc. but a few select events were never released at all after their initial television airings, due to a variety of reasons. We are proud to announce our intentions to release EVERY PWO/PRIME show for you, the public, including events and matches that have never been seen before ANYWHERE by anyone not in the building the day it was filmed!

Our first release takes you back to November of 2011 in Streetsboro, OH, as we celebrated our 4-Year Anniversary in a big way!

This all-star card had an unprecedented double main event - potentially two championship matches in one night! Reigning champion "Most Dominant Man" Jason Bane was challenged by former champion "Megastar" Marion Fontaine in a chaotic Lumberjack Match featuring nearly every top PWO/PRIME star at ringside! If Bane can survive, he moves on to defend his crown against "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross at the end of the night! Bane & Cross had some memorable HEATED altercations during this time, so Bane and Cross WILL do battle whether the title is involved or not!

Also, see the final PWO/PRIME appearance of "Big Rig" Brodie Lee before he lost his way in life and eventually became re-discovered and re-born as Luke Harper in The Wyatt Family. Brodie takes on PWO/PRIME journyman Corey Winters in a surprisingly competitive bout, but the main story may be what happened when Brodie & Fontaine pushed their war with authority a little too far!

Two of the most iconic names in PWO/PRIME history meet one-on-one, as they re-ignite a once-personal vendetta, which by this point was more based on respect and competition. Johnny Gargano and Gregory Iron, facing mounting threats from powerful factions Sex Appeal & The Dead Wrestling Society respectively, test one another in a fiercely competitive battle that may have gone down as one of the most underrated matches in company history!

See PWO/PRIME Tag Team Champions "Amazing" N8 Mattson & "Big Bear" Benjamin Boone, The Sons of Michigan, defend the gold against Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick, Aeroform, in a battle for territorial pride and tag team dominance!

Plus Matthew Justice's return from corporate wrestling and his explanation on why he told the WWE he didn't want to be a part of their machine!

All this and much more including action from PWO TV Champion Gory, "Embodiment of Evil" Krimson, Sex Appeal, Bryan Castle, Aaron Draven and others!

Place your order now for two discs & three solid hours of action commemorating a crazy first four years!

Only $15! (+s/h)

Stay posted in the months ahead, as we're just getting started in our look back at PWO and PRIME Wrestling!

Official Statement On Status of PRIME Wrestling
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This is a job I've been putting off doing for a number of weeks now, but has been swirling in my mind ever since, so please forgive and indulge me when it comes to the length of the following ...

In September of 2007, I was told about a new wrestling promotion that would be debuting the next month, and asked to be a part of it... at the time, that promotion was called "Pro Wrestling Ohio". I was excited about the idea, as it provided me a chance to expand my creative duties to a level I never had before, and help expose a new audience to what I felt were some of the most promising young talents in this part of the country. Such an undertaking wasn't without tribulations. On a beyond paper-thin budget, and more passion and dedication than I can describe, the journey began. Critics said we wouldn't last six months. No way, not even close. I'm proud to be sitting here six years later looking back on what was.

Over the next several years, we had some ups and we had some downs, just as any promotion would. There were days I would wake up eagerly anticipating working on PWO projects. There were days I would wake up dreading it. But, through it all, the goal of myself and everyone involved was to make the promotion, the television, the talent roster, everything therein, the absolute best it could be under whatever circumstances we were dealt. It was never perfect or ideal, in independent wrestling it never is, but I was and am so proud of what we were able to create the vast majority of the time. As a staff, a roster, a company, and a business, we grew... and we grew up. Every year was noticeably better than the last, and more doors opened for the future.

For those unaware, I worked in a creative capacity for the entire past six years, about five and a half of those six as the head of creative. Essentially, I, along with a few others, wore the matchmaker or "booker" hat. It was extremely strenuous at times, but a position I loved. In late-2011, things began to change. Circumstances necessitated me taking on more responsibilities in the front office, working more closely with first the television production (which I also enjoyed), then later also venues, sponsors, insurance companies, charities, merchandising, and financing. With that, plus our scope now reaching far beyond just Ohio, the "PRIME" name was born and the machine moved forward.

Over the next year and a half, we had some good stretches and we had some not-so-good stretches. While I had a very talented and dedicated team working alongside me, a large burden outside my main focus of the creative & TV production was still upon me, especially financially. What was once a fun and creatively fulfilling outlet that took up part of my "wrestling time" had turned into an overwhelming endeavor that was eating up ALL of my time. By mid-2013, I was decidedly burnt out. I didn't want things to change... I NEEDED them to, for the sake of my own sanity.

In the beginning of 2013, Fox Sports acquired SportsTime Ohio, the network we aired on since 2007. Formerly independently owned, STO was undergoing a slow transformation into a more corporate environment. With that change came new policies, rules, regulations and requirements. One of those requirements, in the form of an insurance policy, would have more than doubled our annual budget for producing a television show. By the end of July 2013, the new network structure was in place, and PRIME Wrestling was temporarily pulled from the airwaves until these new requirements could be met.

Now, Fox is COMPLETELY within their rights to ask what they did of us... but I knew in my heart this was the change. As much as I had given of myself mentally & financially over the past 18 months... there was no way I had the resources left to jump this big of a hurdle. The timing of said hurdle, coupled with other issues going on within our team... health issues, business issues, personal setbacks and other professional endeavors... all coming in a perfect storm, each one making the operation more challenging in its own way... I'm not sure how many of you believe in fate, or "a sign", or anything like that... but it became very clear to me it was time for all of us to make some difficult decisions.

With that in mind, and a heavy heart, it is my duty to make public & official for the first time, that Wrestlelution 6 on October 20 of 2013 was the last scheduled PRIME Wrestling live event for the foreseeable future.

I'm very proud of Wrestlelution 6. I feel it was one of our strongest events ever, if not the strongest. It was an incredible "final chapter" for a company and for everyone who was such an important part of it. For the final story to be told to be the handful of members of the "PRIME Foundation" re-claiming the legacy of what they had built from the forces working against them was beautiful and poetic. All usual merchandise shills aside, I really hope all of you who have ever supported us watch that show, be it on DVD or digitally, through us or Smart Mark Video or anywhere else. It means a lot to me, and I hope it means a lot to all of you.

Will PRIME Wrestling ever run an event again? Maybe. After October 20, there were talks of planning on doing more events on a more limited basis, but things never materialized. In the right place, at the right time, and for the right reason, I would absolutely do it again, no questions asked. I just know that, unfortunately, that isn't here and it isn't now.

I need to thank and acknowledge a number of people. Johnny Gargano & Gregory Iron sacrificed more than anyone will ever be able to realize or understand to make the past six years a reality. Production staff like Mike Moran, among others, were invaluable to our process, and we wouldn't have had a prayer without them. Thanks to Pat, Jim & Dawn at STO for believing in us all those years. Our sponsors over the years, who allowed us to present the quality of shows we did. Others like Bobby Beverly, Matthew Justice, Matt Cross, Josh Prohibition, Dan Arkham, Ben Fruith, Zach Gowen, Bobby Shields, and even my old nemesis Marion Fontaine, sacrificed a lot for something they believed in, and is something I will never forget. Guys like Jason Bane, Sons of Michigan, Jimmy Jacobs, Facade, DWS, Valentino, Aeroform etc brought instant credibility and intrigue to our product. Unsung workhorses from our early days like Mike Tolar, Jimmy DeMarco, Virus & Morty Rackem may not have been around for the majority of our most-watched and memorable events, but helped lay a foundation of quality that was adhered to and built upon from there on out. Pedro, Aaron Maguire, Vic, LaBar, Tom Dunn & Clemons were all vital cogs in the machine as well. Our latest crop - Castle, Madrox, RSP, Jay Flash, Aiden Veil didn't have the time to reach their full potential on TV, but absolutely will elsewhere and the sky is the limit. I mean to leave no one out, everyone was an important part of the process (well, almost everyone -- a few snuck by me I'd rather forget about).

Looking back, I see our six years as a success. It didn't always show that way on paper, and it sure wasn't always fun, but for a group of guys some thought would fizzle out after a few months -- or maybe even the first show -- we were able to do some pretty cool things. International online DVD distribution. National and international television syndication. Four live internet-Pay-Per-View events. Being part of the historic Cleveland Autorama and spend five years running big events at the Nautica Pavilion. Working hand-in-hand with amazing legendary talent like Kevin Nash, Greg Valentine, Al Snow, Rhino, Tito Santana, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Paul London. Working with future stars on the cusp of stardom like Shiima Xion/Zema Ion, Brodie Lee/Luke Harper, Ashley Lane/Madison Rayne, Colin Delaney, Michael Hutter/Derrick Bateman/Ethan Carter III, and the stars whose breaks are yet to come, but will in the very near future. Grabbing the attention of the wrestling world when Johnny Gargano tried to end Gregory Iron's career, or when Marion Fontaine finally struck Justin LaBar.

Looking ahead, the PRIME name won't go away. This website will stay in tact, and remain updated when new news is available. The PRIME Facebook, YouTube & Twitter accounts will stay active as well. I plan to do a ton of things with the PWO/PRIME library... starting with releasing (hopefully) all of our "lost" shows that never made DVD, starting with late 2011-early 2012 and then our shows from this past summer, most of which never made it to television OR YouTube. I also plan to do "Best ofs" of many of our most memorable stars and themes. These will be must-haves for anyone who doesn't own our entire collection and is interested in the best of the best in what we've done.

Anyone who follows my career outside of PRIME knows I've already had my hands in several other projects. I'm in the process of launching and will continue my path as an announcer, writer, content producer, and merchandiser. Please feel free to find me on Facebook (/JoeDombrowskiwrestling) or Twitter (@Joe_Dombrowski), as I'll always post PRIME updates as well when they happen.

Lastly, we wouldn't have lasted even six days without fans... so thank you guys. Your support always drove us forward, through good and bad, and your loyalty was among the most difficult things to factor in when weighing recent decisions. The Justin Summers, Jill Dials, Leonard Bibbs, our buddy Kayden, etc. You guys are as much a part of this company as anyone I've mentioned. I hope you show the same support to support other area promotions I feel strongly about, such as IWC Wrestling in Pittsburgh and Remix Pro Wrestling in Marietta, OH.

It's been real, Cleveland.

"It is easier to try than to prove it can't be done."

- Joseph Dombrowski
Executive Producer
PWO/PRIME Wrestling TV

Merry Christmas From PRIME Wrestling!
PRIME YouTube News | Dec 23 2013 by primewrestling   
PRIME Wrestling would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! To celebrate, we are giving all of YOU two presents to enjoy not just this week, but year-round!

First, free of charge, we present to you the aftermath of the Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano classic from Wrestlelution 6! Remember, you can pick up the whole show on DVD or iPPV now at!

For our second gift, we've gone back and made public EVERY PRIME/PWO YouTube video EVER. That's every TV episode from early 2011 to our last STO episode, PLUS the first 9 episodes ever, tons of memorable highlights, plus some special gems we've included in there of clips & full matches that have NEVER been seen on YouTube before! Happy hunting!

PRIME Wrestling $5 DVD & T-Shirt Sale Returns Now Through 12/24!
PRIME Store News | Dec 9 2013 by primewrestling   
By popular demand, we are bringing back our $5 blow-out sale just in time for holiday shopping! All DVDs & T-Shirts are just $5 each + s&h (excluding Wrestlelution 6) and posters are just $3 each + s&h.

In order to receive the discount & and figure out shipping rates, you MUST e-mail to place your order. The PayPal buttons here on our site will NOT reflect these discounts, you MUST email us to receive them & offer ONLY good while supplies last!

PS - As a side note, we hope to have the DVDs of the rest of our 2013 shows (and maybe our missing 2011-2012 shows) available in early 2014!

DVDs Available For $5 each -

Pressure Rising 2013: Megalomania (Gargano vs. Krimson; Fontaine/Madrox/Page vs. Iron/Cross/Justice; Facade vs. Lyndon)

Epic Event 2013 (Gargano vs. Cross; Krimson & Kirst vs. Iron & Gowen; Facade vs. Shields)

Finale 2012 (Gargano vs. Gory; Iron & Gowen vs. Sons of Michigan; Cross vs. Kirst)

Brawl in the Hall 2 (Bane vs. Fontaine; Cross vs. Gory; Iron vs. Boone)

Gargano vs. Rhino (Gargano vs. Rhino; Jacobs vs. Beverly; Fontaine vs. Cross)

Wrestlelution 5: An Enduring Spirit (Gargano vs. Jacobs; Bane vs. Rhino; M-Dogg vs. Petey Williams; Iron vs. Gowen)

Mind Games (Gargano & Cross vs. Jacobs & Fontaine; Gowen vs. Kirst; Bane vs. Boone)

Do or Die (Jacobs vs. Lyndon; Iron & Gowen vs. Krimson & Kirst; Gory vs. Facade)

The New Era (Cross vs. Jacobs; Gory vs. Facade; Cross vs. Krimson)

Wrestlelution 4 (DVD or BluRay!) - (Kevin Nash & Draven vs. Brodie "Luke Harper" Lee & Fontaine; Gargano vs. Cross vs. Prohibition; Santana vs. Valentino)

Epic Event 2011 (Fontaine vs. Bane; Iron & Hobo vs. Sons of Michigan; Beverly vs. Facade)

Wrestlelution 3 (DVD or BluRay!) - Gargano vs. Cross; Bane vs. Raven; Hacksaw Duggan vs. Fontaine

Wrestlelution 2 - Gargano vs. Prohibition; Al Snow vs. N8 Mattson; Dumpster Match)

Slamming Into Summer 2009 (Cross & Bane vs. Prohibition & Tolar; Greg Valentine & Jim Neidhart vs. Matthew Justice & Morty Rackem; Gargano vs. Winters)

Wrestlelution (Cross vs. Prohibition; Gargano vs. Iron - Last Man Standing; Three Team Ladder Match)

Season 1 Volume 6 (Gargano Tries to End Iron's Career; Prohibition vs. Horiguchi; Gargano vs. Bane)

Season 1 Volume 5 (Prohibition & Gargano vs. Cross & Bane; Mattson vs. Idol; Justice vs. DeMarco)

Season 1 Volume 4 (Prohibition & Gargano vs. Colin Delaney & Jimmy Olsen; Shiima "Zema Ion" Xion & Morty Rackem vs. Virus & Virus Grande; Bane vs. Nothing)

T-Shirts for $5 each -

PRIME Wrestling Logo Shirt - Sizes Large & Extra Large ONLY

Wrestlelution 5 Commemorative Shirt - Sizes Adult Large & Extra Large ONLY

Wrestlelution 4 Commemorative Shirt - Sizes Youth Medium & Large, Adult Small & Medium ONLY

Event Posters - $3 Each +s&h

Wrestlelution 6 Traditional Poster

Wrestlelution 6 Animated Poster

Remember, you MUST e-mail directly in order to place your order and get these insane deals perfect for the hard-to-shop-for wrestling fan or for your own personal collection! Act now in time for the holidays! Deals expire December 24!

Five Free Minutes Of Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano
PRIME YouTube News | Dec 4 2013 by primewrestling   
It was an event that defined a company and will live on for years to come. PRIME Wrestling's Wrestlelution 6 on October 20 in Cleveland, OH was memorable for so many reasons, one of the main reasons being the first time ever one-on-one meeting between "Intrepid Traveler" Paul London and "The Whole Shebang" Johnny Gargano.

Here is just a small sample of what these men went through in an ultra-competitive clash.

See this whole match now on iPPV VOD or by purchasing the 3-hour DVD in our "Store" section. The DVD is IN STOCK now and will ship immediately upon receiving your order!

Full event card:

PRIME Champion Krimson vs. Rhino - and the shocking and emotional aftermath involving Johnny Gargano & The PRIME Foundation

Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano

Best of Three Series PRIME Foundation vs. Megalomaniacs to Determine Commissioner
PRIME Tag Title Match: Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen (w/Justin LaBar) challenge Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox (w/Vic Travagliante)

PRIME TV Title Match: M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross challenges Matthew Justice (w/Marti Belle)

Bobby Beverly vs. Rickey Shane Page

Four-Way Elimination Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Facade vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Gory

Nicki Valentino vs. Mystery Opponent (w/Chris Van Vliet)

N8 Mattson, Benjamin Boone & Bobby Shields vs. Bryan Castle, Jay Flash & Mark Andrews (w/Aiden Veil)

Click on "Store" to reserve your copy and be a part of PRIME history!

PRIME Wrestlelution 6 Commemorative T-Shirts Re-Released!
Wrestlelution News | Nov 22 2013 by primewrestling   
One of the most memorable parts of this year's Wrestlelution 6 spectacular was the detailed illustration of the PRIME Wrestling roster that adorned our website, social media, and commemorative event poster & T-Shirt. The drawing was so popular, we sold out of the animated poster at the event (which has since been re-stocked here at, and sold out of the T-Shirt just hours following the event.

We are proud to announce the re-release of the shirt for anyone who may have missed out on this part of history, as part of a new agreement reached between PRIME Executive Producer Joe Dombrowski and popular website

On this shirt, you'll get exclusive animated likenesses of everyone on the advertised card for Wrestlelution 6 - Johnny Gargano, Paul London, Rhino, Krimson, Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron, M-Dogg Matt Cross, "Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs, and everyone else!

Check out the design and place your order today at the following link -

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Just added to our Store, you can own the TWO special commemorative posters documenting the historic afternoon that was Wrestlelution 6! We have limited quantities of each, and they can be yours for only $5 plus s+h!

Traditional Wrestlelution 6 Poster

This is the official traditional style PRIME Wrestling Wrestlelution poster, detailing four of the top matches scheduled that evening including Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano and Krimson vs. Rhino. Includes show date, location, and all pertinent information. Perfect for hanging on walls or getting signed by your favorite wrestling stars. Measures 11x17.

Animated Wrestlelution 6 Poster

A first of its kind for PRIME Wrestling, this special animated drawing depicts every single wrestler scheduled for competition as part of Wrestlelution 6. NOTE: This poster is a slight variant from the poster that was sold live at the arena that afternoon, this is a special version with the mystery opponent (Josh Prohibition) uncovered and fully visible! Over 20 PRIME wrestlers & personalities showcased!

Order your posters now:

Select Poster
Finally, a quick update on our Wrestlelution 6 Commemorative T-Shirts. We'd like to thank the fans who came to the event live to show their support, as we ended completely sold out of shirts! However, PRIME is currently negotiating a way for you fans who missed out to still have an opportunity! These shirts were very popular, depicting the same animated design showcased on the above poster. We hope to have more news within the week concerning how you can own your very own T-Shirt!

In the meantime, we're pleased to announce last year's Wrestlelution 5 shirts are now reduced to $10 and available in VERY limited quantities! Only L and XL remain so order now in our "Store" section, there will NOT be any more produced once they sell out!

PRIME Store News | Oct 22 2013 by primewrestling   
Every year, special moments happen at Wrestlelution, but the feeling and emotion at Wrestlelution 6 was something never before felt in PRIME Wrestling. Paul London & Johnny Gargano gave you everything their bodies could endure in a physically draining and athletically breathtaking twenty-plus minute war. Krimson and Rhino battled throughout the building for the right to call themselves PRIME Champion. Several of the biggest names in PRIME/PWO history made their presence known unexpected and unannounced. The PRIME Foundation and Megalomaniacs went to war to determine where the fate and legacy of this company would lie.

Now, you can own the pinnacle and climax of PRIME Wrestling's six year journey and its year-long struggle to overcome the evil, greed, corruption, and ego that overtook it. Over three hours of action and drama is available NOW for pre-order! You'll get every match in its entirety including Johnny Gargano's emotional post-show speech! The DVDs are expected to ship around mid-November, but if you reserve your copy now, you pay only $15 (+s/h) - that's a 25% savings from the regular price!


PRIME Champion Krimson vs. Rhino - and the shocking and emotional aftermath involving Johnny Gargano & The PRIME Foundation

Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano

Best of Three Series PRIME Foundation vs. Megalomaniacs to Determine Commissioner
PRIME Tag Title Match: Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen (w/Justin LaBar) challenge Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox (w/Vic Travagliante)
PRIME TV Title Match: M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross challenges Matthew Justice (w/Marti Belle)
Bobby Beverly vs. Rickey Shane Page

Four-Way Elimination Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Facade vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Gory

Nicki Valentino vs. Mystery Opponent (w/Chris Van Vliet)

N8 Mattson, Benjamin Boone & Bobby Shields vs. Bryan Castle, Jay Flash & Mark Andrews (w/Aiden Veil)

Order NOW safely and securely here: 

PRIME Wrestlelution 6 iPPV Results: Art of War
Wrestlelution News | Oct 22 2013 by primewrestling   

PRIME Wrestlelution 6, the biggest event in our calendar year, quite simply meant everything this year. Six years to the day after our first event, it was a battle for PRIME's most important components, the PRIME Foundation, the men who built this great organization, to reclaim what was taken from them due to greed, evil and corruption.

The night kicked off with Match 1 in the Best of 3 Series to determine the PRIME Commissioner position, as Megalomaniac Rickey Shane Page did battle with PRIME Foundation member Bobby Beverly. Precautions were taken to keep this series as fair as possible, as 19-year WWE veteran referee Jimmy Korderas was assigned ringside to watch over the proceedings. However, even with the safeguards in place, The Megalomaniacs still found a way to manipulate the system. Commissioner Vic Travagliante's appearance at ringside was problematic enough to draw the attention of both referees, allowing Page to connect with a low blow and pin Beverly to send the Megalomaniacs up 1-0.

Next, the would-be Megalomaniac Nicki Valentino ended his long-standing war with local media personality Chris Van Vliet by battling Chris' hand-chosen opponent. Van Vliet introduced this man as someone who, while not in PRIME Wrestling for a long time, was certainly a rightful part of the PRIME Foundation motto... Josh Prohibition. Josh terrorized PRIME during its first two years of existence, and picked up right where he left off here, polishing off "Old School Muscle" with the Drunken Driver. After the match, Valentino still refused to shut his mouth, that is until Van Vliet laid out Nicki with a picture perfect variation of the Rock Bottom!

Match 2 in the Best of 3 Series saw PRIME TV Champion and the man who made the Megalomaniac plot happen Matthew Justice (w/Marti Belle) defend the PRIME TV Title against the man he broke a laptop over the head of on our last iPPV, "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross in a match that very nearly saw a clean sweep from The Megalomaniacs. With again, both officials distracted, Justice clobbered Cross with the TV Title to score a cheap three-count. However, outside enforcer Jimmy Korderas, who had been arguing with Marti Belle, turned around in time to discover the infraction and informed in-ring referee Jake Clemons of the incident. The referees decided to re-start the battle and a re-energized Cross unleashed months of rage onto Justice. With the champion prone on the canvas, Cross scaled the turnbuckles to unleash his Shooting Star Press, but Marti Belle rushed into the ring to cover her man to protect him. This proved to backfire, as Cross took flight, crashing down
onto both, pinning Justice to win his first PRIME TV Title, evening the series at 1-1.

The third and final battle in the series had the grandest stakes, and the most chaotic circumstances, with Justin LaBar at ringside accompanying challenging team The Handicapped Heroes, Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron, Vic Travagliante accompanying PRIME Tag Team Champions Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox, and Jimmy Korderas taking it upon himself to referee the match in-ring himself. The majority of the match saw Fontaine & Madrox isolating and punishing Iron until Gowen was finally tagged in to switch the tides. However, when Jimmy Korderas was incapacitated due to an intentional low blow from Fontaine, we saw the execution of The Megalomaniacs final plan of the day.

With the coast clear of officials, Vic waved out Rickey Shane Page & Matthew Justice, who swayed the odds to a 4-on-2 scenario. Matt Cross & Bobby Beverly emerged to help out their PRIME Foundation allies, but they too were swarmed by the extra numbers. Josh Prohibition shockingly joined into the fight, showing his allegiance to his fellow ex-rivals who built this company. Josh's involvement was stunted by Nicki Valentino, throwing powder into Josh's eyes and swaying the momentum back to The Megalomaniacs, FINALLY proving himself to them after all these months. Just then, Jason Bane returned for a near-year hiatus and went straight for the man who took him out in a parking lot assault, Rickey Shane Page. Perhaps the biggest Baneline ever sent Rickey practically spiraling onto his head, followed by Matt Cross throwing caution to the wind and diving on top of everyone still brawling at ringside. As the war continued toward the back, Vic's involvement was
thwarted by LaBar in physical fashion, and the match resumed with The Handicapped Heroes capitalizing on the one thing they've wanted all along - a fair shot. With the odds back to even, The Heroes proved their superiority, claiming the PRIME Tag Team Titles & winning the series for the PRIME Foundation and re-instating Justin LaBar!

LaBar's first act as Commissioner... something love overdue: the firing of Vic Travagliante. But it wasn't done in traditional fashion. Vic was given a very non-corporate severance package, in the form of Gregory Iron's former Tag Team Championship partner Hobo Joe, who gave Vic quite the "Pit Stop" before the ex-Commish was sent, crying and pleading, out the door never to be seen again.

The four-way elimination match featuring Facade, Gory, Louis Lyndon & Jimmy Jacobs had another surprise visitor... as Lyndon & Facade's tempers escalated to one another throughout the match, it was clear their issues had grown far beyond title and pride. As the former Ninja Elite Squad was about to go to war, a chair in each of their hands, a third joined them. Flip Kendrick, the former third member of the NES until an injury sidelined him in early 2012, came from the back to attempt to reconcile the fighting partners. With ninja bandanas in hand, Flip was able to re-unite the two who proceeded to march into battle together. The problem there, while NES dealt with their internal business, Gory & Jacobs were both resting... and plotting. Eliminations by Gory on Facade and Jacobs on Lyndon left with the two most dark and brooding members remaining. Gory was able to prove he was, indeed, lower than SCUM by pinning Jacobs following Trepidation.

N8 Mattson, Benjamin Boone & Bobby Shields were able to follow-through on their promise to re-establish their dominance in PRIME, as the most decorated athlete, longest win streak, and leader of the most successful faction in PRIME history united to defeat the men who had scored upset wins over them previously this year - Bryan Castle, Jay Flash, and 19-year-old UK-based star Mark Andrews (Substituting for the injured Aiden Veil, who was at ringside). Team Castle no doubt proved their victories were more than flukes, but the veteran instincts of their rivals were able to win out on this night.

Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano was called a Dream Match and a Show-Stealer before either man stepped through the curtain, and the events that transpired over their 22-minute battle certainly lived up to those expectations. Gargano, determined to earn the right to stay in the title picture, took out many of his Megalomaniac-themed frustrations on London, however London showcased his resiliency and unmatched athleticism to meet Gargano move for move throughout the contest. Being dropped on his head early in the bout in a scary moment, coupled with suffering a deep gash on his leg after a twisting dive to the outside did little to deter the heart and desire of London to continue fighting for everything he had. After several intense near-falls, London tapped to the GargaNO Escape, ending an athletic masterpiece between two of the most passionate and dedicated athletes in the industry today. An emotional London gave his endorsement to Gargano after the match,
as the two embraced after a war both men could be proud of win or lose. Gargano no longer had the risk of losing the chance to ever compete for the PRIME Title again, and London, who was clearly here for the competition and challenge of facing Gargano far moreso than any Vic-inspired plot against Gargano, further solidified his place as an absolutely breathtaking athlete.

The main event saw PRIME Champion and "Embodiment of Evil" Krimson battle "The Man Beast" Rhino for the PRIME Championship in a match a year in the making. Both men assaulted one another with chairs, ladders, metallic sheets and garbage cans. Action spilled over the guardrails as well, as both men battled throughout the Ohio Nets Sports Complex. With Krimson compromised, Rhino looked to Gore the champion into a ladder propped into the corner of the ring, but the DWS leader moved at the last minute, and as Rhino crashed into the steel, Krimson rolled the ECW Original up to get a very lucky pinfall. However, Krimson's night was not yet over.

New Commissioner Justin LaBar emerged with another ruling. At our last iPPV, new commissioner Vic had impromptu re-started the Krimson vs. Gargano main event in order to screw Gargano out of the title. Well, LaBar said there was one final wrong to be righted from the Megalomania era. LaBar was making an impromptu match between Krimson and Gargano... immediately! As Krimson tried to protest the ruling, he turned around directly into a GORE from Rhino. Gargano capitalized, dazing Krimson with a superkick, en route to pinning him to become the only 3-time PRIME Champion! Gargano celebrated, and was joined by the entire PRIME Foundation in a celebration of regaining what was theirs... the legacy, the passion, the past, the present, the future... their home. What followed was an outpouring of emotion, jubilation, and celebration that words cannot justify and must be witnessed to be truly appreciated. After a year of being held hostage... PRIME Wrestling can
hold its head up high with dignity.

Order the iPPV replay On Demand now and watch it whenever and as often as you want for one low price OR pre-order the DVD today to save 25%! Head to and click on "iPPV" or "Store" for more details!

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Wrestlelution News | Oct 21 2013 by primewrestling   
Wrestlelution 6 will go down as perhaps the most emotionally charged event in our history. Six years to the day after our company formed, all the PRIME wrestlers risked everything for the causes they believed in. Titles changes hands, breathtaking moments occurred, and a number of surprise guests were on hand for the festivities and made their presence known in a big way!

Who walked out as PRIME Champion? How far did Paul London and Johnny Gargano have to go to defeat one another? Who won the Best of 3 Series to determine PRIME Commissioner and did any of those matches involve title changes? Exactly how many surprise guests can one show have? Order now to answer all of these questions!

Miss it? Order the replay On Demand and watch as much as you want for one low price of $14.99! - click on the "iPPV" option in our menu to enjoy this or any other past PRIME Wrestling iPPV!

Wrestlelution News | Oct 18 2013 by primewrestling   
We are just days away from an event we usually tell you is the most important of our year. What is usually the pinnacle of our calendar, the height of unpredictability and energy. This year is different. This year, our athletes fight not for just pride or bragging rights, but for their identities, their homes, the places they have spent six years creating and strengthening. This year... they fight for everything.

For the PRIME Foundation, they fight with passion for their creation they have forged since 2007. For The Megalomaniacs, they fight to strengthen their corporate stranglehold, to finalize a hostile takeover years in planning. For Krimson & Rhino it is about their right to be recognized as PRIME Wrestling's top star... and perhaps its most extreme. For Johnny Gargano it is about a dream opponent and the right to chase a dream come true... the PRIME Championship, the title that has defined Gargano's career in this part of the country for years, and he held with more pride than anyone.

This Sunday, for these men, is all or nothing.

Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano This Sunday on iPPV plus Rhino, Jimmy Jacobs, Zach Gowen, Matt Cross, Jimmy Korderas and more!

Order the iPPV now at this link:

PRIME Wrestling presents an annual tradition, its biggest show of the year! It's Wrestlelution 6: Art of War, Sunday afternoon, October 20 at 3pm EST from the Ohio Nets Sports Complex, 12665 Corporate Drive in Parma, OH. Tickets are on sale NOW in our "Store" and also in our Wrestlelution 6 Mini-Site (click the Wrestlelution 6 banner in the top right of the screen to access it) and can be reserved NOW for as little as $15. Do not miss the three biggest hours of in-ring action in PRIME Wrestling all year! Don't miss a chance to be part of a live pay-per-view in person! But if you can't be there live, click on iPPV, follow the instructions and watch from home for only $14.99!

Several weeks ago, "The Whole Shebang" was handed a mysterious note after a match. Later, we found out the contents - Commissioner Vic Travagliante, in an effort to rid Gargano from the PRIME Championship scene once and for all had signed a match for Wrestlelution 6 with the stipulation that if Gargano lost, he could NEVER again challenge for the title he is so synonymous with. Furthermore, his opponent... former World Tag Team Champion Paul London! London has appeared in virtually every wrestling organization and has dazzled fans across the world with his breathtaking athleticism, and propensity to take any risk necessary to win. Few men can match either Johnny Gargano or Paul London in-ring... but without question, they are both a formidable match for one another. Some may call it a dream match, but Gargano must win to keep his dream alive. Paul London, however, no doubt wants to make an impact by defeating arguably the greatest PRIME Champion ever.
Who will survive what is sure to be among the most unforgettable battles in the storied history of Wrestlelution?

Last year at Wrestlelution 5, Rhino destroyed our wrestling ring and shattered Jason Bane's Wrestlelution win streak, instantly making headlines and putting himself in line for a shot at the PRIME Championship, then held by Johnny Gargano. However, Krimson & his Dead Wrestling Society took none too kindly to the Extreme Legend yet PRIME newcomer's title aspirations, so both Gargano & Rhino became targets. Once Krimson conquered Gargano under controversial means, Rhino was ready to extract revenge, but Commissioner Vic T had kept Rhino from returning in the hopes of having the PRIME Title to control himself. However, with the balance of power now more level, the door was open for Rhino to return and claim what was his... a rightful opportunity to get revenge on Krimson and become PRIME Champion... and it will be both men's specialty... No Disqualification. Both Krimson and Rhino are infamous for a career filled with broken tables, violence and brutality.
What will they do to one another with no rules and the title at stake October 20?

When The Megalomaniacs took power, the PRIME Tag Titles were among their first goals, and they had a foolproof plan in place - divide and conquer. After accusing Zach of "excessive brutality" in a match with Fontaine, Commissioner Vic ejected the "One Legged Wonder" from the building, leaving his "Handicapped Hero" partner Iron all alone to fend off both Fontaine & Madrox in a tag team title defense. While Iron demonstrated the heart and courage to persevere, the numbers were insurmountable and we had new tag team champions - without the prior tag team champions having ever being defeated together. Iron & Gowen spent weeks just trying to earn permission back into PRIME buildings, let alone receiving a title shot. The deck was always stacked - Vic was always on the take, and The Handicapped Heroes forced to conform to impossible rules, such as Greg wrestling with one arm tied behind his back. The Heroes have stated all they want is a fair opportunity to
show they have what it takes to overcome. Their day has arrived on October 20, can Wrestlelution 6 be the site of their moment of reclamation or will Fontaine & Madrox stay a step ahead?

Last February at our "Pressure Rising" iPPV, it appeared "One Man Militia" Matthew Justice's return was exactly what the PRIME Foundation needed to fend off the growing Megalomaniacs. That is, until, Justice swerved us all, revealing his true allegiance by breaking a laptop computer over the back of Matt Cross and giving full control of PRIME to the enemy. Justice followed that up by capturing the PRIME Television Title & receiving a special "signing bonus" in the form of Marti Belle. Meanwhile, Matt Cross disappeared from the PRIME landscape for several weeks. Cross couldn't bear to watch something he had such a major hand in creating - as the company's first ever champion AND first-ever two-time champion, be destroyed by ego, politics, and corporate greed. Cross returned with a vengeance early this summer, and immediately targeted Justice, only to be stonewalled by Justice & Vic, who denied every one of M-Dogg's requests. With the balance of power in limbo, Cross gets what could be his only shot to redeem the incident that led to PRIME Wrestling spiraling out of control this past February. Where does the fate of the TV Title lie and can Matthew Justice remain the trump card in the Megalomaniacs' plot for undying power?

"The Bev" has become arguably the most improved member of the PRIME roster in recent months, however it's easy to overlook this fact based on the chaos and turmoil that has surrounded the organization all year. As a result, Beverly has made it a point to "step up" and challenge the best - teaming with Johnny Gargano to defeat the Dead Wrestling Society and pursuing TV Champion Matthew Justice being just two of "The Bev's" recent goals. However, after a cheap shot by the most intimidating Megalomaniac - the near 300-lb unstable Rickey Shane Page, Beverly found his next target. These two physical competitors will battle one-on-one for the very first time in PRIME as part of major stakes on the line. Who can set the tone for their team and help their side attain the ultimate possession... control over the entire company.

As if the previous three Megalomaniac vs. PRIME Foundation matches aren't prestigious enough by themselves, they will also be part of a much larger picture. Each of those bouts are part of the "Best of Three" series between the dueling factions on the night, with whichever side who captures the most wins getting to choose the PRIME Commissioner going forward. Vic Travagliante replaced LaBar as Commissioner this past February after an elaborate months-long plot put he and Aaron Maguire in positions of power, manipulating the rest of management, and carrying out their selfish agenda at the expense of everyone. Justin LaBar carried out some revenge when he, much like Vic had done to him months earlier, found Vic's laptop and used its contents to get some of his demands met. Either LaBar exposes Vic's selfish plot to the rest of upper management, or LaBar's "suggestions" for Wrestlelution 6 matches become approved. As a result, ALL of the power is at stake in this Best of Three series. Will PRIME remain in Megalomaniac hands? If so, what is its future? Can the fate of the company be restored to those who truly helped build it?

Sensing the vital nature of this issue, PRIME Upper Management has voted by a margin of 4-1 (the one hold-out of course being Megalomaniac Aaron Maguire) to appoint a special referee to oversee each match in the Best of Three series. We can name that referee today as 22-year WWE veteran Jimmy Korderas. Jimmy entered WWE in 1987 and remained one of their most trusted officials until his departure in 2009, even refereeing the main event of a WrestleMania between The Undertaker and Edge! Now, Jimmy is coming to Wrestlelution 6 with the specific goal of making sure things stay on the up-and-up! PRIME management wants a decisive and definitive conclusion, and will risk NO chance or human error when it comes to the power and influence involved in this rivalry.

How to sum up the turmoil that has engulfed these four athletes? Facade & Lyndon helped dominate tag team wrestling in PRIME as part of the Ninja Elite Squad, staying solidified for three years, until the lure of singles gold created a rift between them that has yet to be repaired. Facade took great pride in defending the PRIME TV Title, however Louis Lyndon took it as a personal slight that Facade gave Louis no chance in defeating him for the prize. This relationship has only become more strained under the watchful eye of the manipulative Jimmy Jacobs, who has targeted both in his latest web of mind games. However, when Jacobs crossed paths with Dead Wrestling Society member Gory along the way, these two macabre creatures did not see eye-to-eye. All four of these athletes have something to prove, and only one will be left standing under this elimination rules format that is a strong candidate to steal the show!

Three veterans who have experienced embarrassing career lows are out for revenge against the three men responsible for humiliating them. Bryan Castle has seemed to have the number of the angry veteran Mattson in recent months. Veil, the young 21-year-old rock band drummer, scored an impressive upset over Bobby Shields this past spring. Meanwhile, who could forget young Jay Flash, who was repeatedly annihilated by Benjamin Boone before coming back a third time and scoring a shocking upset pin over "The Big Bear"... twice! Can these three success stories make magic happen again with The Sons & Shields all out to prove they should never have been left out of the continuing faction warfare atop the PRIME Wrestling cards? Will these grizzled veterans showcase what they're truly capable of?

Chris Van Vliet is a well-known area television & radio personality best known from the WOIO news team. Chris served as special guest ring announcer last year at Wrestlelution 5 and, when Valentino attempted to steal Van Vliet's chair to use as a weapon during the show's main event, a scuffle between the two ensued, ending when Valentino sent Van Vliet spilling over top of a ringside table (you can see the footage here: Valentino blamed that moment, and the lasting mental effect it has had, as to why he has been unable to carry out his assigned Megalomaniac missions. Van Vliet, who was recently backstage visiting as he frequently is during many of our PRIME live events, came out to the ring area to address these accusations. Van Vliet adamantly stated he's here to have a good time, not fight, but if it's a fight Valentino wants, Van Vliet would be more than happy to find a suitable opponent to represent him
at Wrestlelution 6 on October 20. So Nicki Valentino will battle a mystery opponent hand-chosen by Chris Van Vliet. But whom will Van Vliet select for the job?

Remember, it all goes down at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma, OH on Sunday, October 20 at 3pm EST. Be there live by reserving your tickets now or watch from home on iPPV! Click the appropriate links in the upper menu to ensure you're part of the biggest event of the year as it happens! This WILL go down as the most important event in PRIME Wrestling history!

Wrestlelution News | Oct 10 2013 by primewrestling   
It's no secret that the stakes in PRIME Wrestling have never been and will never be higher than they will be on Sunday, October 20 at 3pm when "Wrestlelution 6: Art of War" begins live at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma, OH and streams around the world hear at courtesy of our friends at GFL.

Why are the stakes so high? The very future of PRIME Wrestling may hang in the balance as part of a Best of Three match series between members of The Megalomaniacs - who orchestrated a coup to take all power and control within the company last February, and nearly run it into the ground since - and The PRIME Foundation - the proud warriors who TRULY represent this company, and truly deserve credit for creating and building what has been an amazing success story over the past six years known as PRIME Wrestling.

Sensing the vital nature of this issue, PRIME Upper Management has voted by a margin of 4-1 (the one hold-out of course being Megalomaniac Aaron Maguire) to appoint a special referee to oversee each match in the Best of Three series. We can name that referee today as 22-year WWE veteran Jimmy Korderas.

Jimmy entered WWE in 1987 and remained one of their most trusted officials until his departure in 2009, even refereeing the main event of a WrestleMania between The Undertaker and Edge! Now, Jimmy is coming to Wrestlelution 6 with the specific goal of making sure things stay on the up-and-up! PRIME management wants a decisive and definitive conclusion, and will risk NO chance or human error when it comes to the power and influence involved in this rivalry. 

Remember, the best of three series contains...

PRIME TV Champion Matthew Justice w/Marti Belle vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross

Rickey Shane Page vs. Bobby Beverly

PRIME Tag Team Champions Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox vs. Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen

Whichever side wins the most matches will get to see their representative named as PRIME Commissioner permanently - either Megalomaniac and current Commish Vic Travagliante or PRIME Foundation member and former Commish Justin LaBar

Will Jimmy Korderas be able to help the PRIME referees maintain order and finally resolve this battle of power? Where does the fate of PRIME Wrestling as a company lie?

Join us live by clicking on "Store" and reserving your tickets today! Or click on "iPPV", register/login and place your order to watch live from home! Whatever you do, don't miss this event as it happens!

Wrestlelution News | Oct 8 2013 by primewrestling   
On Sunday, October 20 at 3pm EST, PRIME Wrestling presents its biggest event of the year, live on internet-PPV, Wrestlelution 6: Art of War. Now, PRIME is giving you a chance to be involved and be a part of this event as well! If you have a business, product, service, podcast, website or otherwise that you would like to see advertised on the live iPPV (and DVD release as well), we are currently offering packages for as low as $50!

This card will feature incredible action including the first ever singles meeting between Johnny Gargano and Paul London; a wild no-disqualification war between PRIME Champion Krimson and "The Man Beast" Rhino; a battle for ultimate company control in a best of three series which features Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron, The Handicapped Heroes, challenging Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox for the PRIME Tag Team Titles; Matthew Justice (w/the lovely Marti Belle) defending the PRIME TV Title against M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross and much more! Three hours of unforgettable action in all as part of the biggest even in our history!

Order the iPPV and watch from home by visiting and click on "iPPV"! Or, visit the "Store" to reserve your tickets to join us live!

If you'd like to take part in this event as a sponsor, please email for more information!

Wrestlelution News | Oct 3 2013 by primewrestling   
With just a little over two weeks to go until Wrestlelution 6, speculation is starting to grow on many fronts. What will happen when two of the most athletically gifted talents of our time meet one-on-one for the first time ever when Johnny Gargano battles Paul London? What breathtaking risks will Facade, Louis Lyndon, Gory or Jimmy Jacobs have to take to stop one another? Who is Chris Van Vliet's mystery opponent for Josh Prohibition? Will The Megalomaniacs or PRIME Foundation come out on top in the best of three series? And what on Earth could possibly happen when we unleash Krimson and Rhino in a No-Disqualification atmosphere for the PRIME Championship.

Recently, our offices received the latest in a long line of mysterious and eerie videos sent by "The Embodiment of Evil" himself.

It is clear Krimson is ready for war. We don't even need to ask to know that Rhino is.

Wrestlelution 6: Art of War is Sunday, October 20 at 3pm EST from the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma, OH. The only ways to see the event is to be there live in the crowd by reserving your tickets in our "Store" section or by watching live from home using the "iPPV" tab. You can choose either option for as little as $15! No matter what you do, make sure you're a part of Wrestlelution 6 live as it happens!

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